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Lexington Black

Five star rating for Lexington Black by Lady Jaguar

I don't usually write a review but this book was such a good read. It is very raunchy but with an excellent story line, I loved the family dynamics, humour and good sex. A must read.

Five star rating for Lexington Black by Lady Jaguar

Great sex, great characters, great story, extremely well written. I couldn't put it down. One of the best gay erotica authors we have.

Five star rating for Lexington Black by Lady Jaguar

I found myself entranced in each page and blown away by not only how dynamic and authentic the characters are but by the level of heat the author can create between two men. 

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Lexington Black - Ebook

"When Rob lost control the first time, spread out on my bed and writhing in the throes of ecstasy, I knew I would do anything to see him again.”


Rob Martyn

A sexually confused Englishman with his marriage and career in the toilet, Rob is a disappointment to his snobbish family. One seductive test-drive later, and Rob is propelled into a world of glamour, drag queens and hot sex with a wealthy New York businessman.

Lexington Black

I guess I should file seducing Rob under another of ‘Lexington’s Bad Ideas.’ Cynics say love doesn’t hit like a lightning bolt, but they’re wrong. The only problem is, I’ve lied through my teeth to get Rob into bed. I’m not talking about a white lie, but one the size of the Empire State Building. When he finds out, we’ll both be in heartbreak city. Alone.

Drag queens, a Bridezilla and an English wedding gone wrong provide a backdrop to this gay awakening, sexy romance.

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