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What readers are saying about No Limits

Five star rating for No Limits by Lady Jaguar

TThis story had me all the way messed up. I loved it but also couldn’t take it at the same time. The characters made me laugh but also made me want to fight. Book 3 is calling my name. 

Five star rating for No Limits by Lady Jaguar

TThe story is full of twists, heartache and angst, and it is absolutely magnificent! I can't even begin to tell how much I love the characters in this series.

Five star rating for No Limits by Lady Jaguar

Once again, this author has left me breathless and addicted to this series which isn't over yet. A wonderful end to this part of the story.

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Book cover for No Limits by Lady Jaguar
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Book cover for No Limits by Lady Jaguar

No Limits (Switchblade Romance #2)

Bold of you to assume this is a seduction.” Richard’s stare never left Marcus’s face. “This is foreplay.”

Mobster CEO, Richard Mason, and his PA, Tino Santini, have wed after a whirlwind romance, with tempestuous results. Sex games keep their passion burning, yet after a fierce argument leads to a night Richard can't remember, Tino suspects he is having an affair. In reality, Richard is being blackmailed with compromising evidence, gathered by an old adversary.

Meanwhile, a sensual dilemma looms in the curvaceous shape of Richard’s ex and her chivalrous husband, Marcus, whose attraction to Tino is obvious. When Tino and Marcus disappear, Richard enlists some London gangsters to help him find them, with explosive results.

Sexual tension and gang warfare, set against the glittering backdrop of corporate Manhattan, as a wealthy, pansexual CEO breaks the all the rules in the pursuit of love.


Each book is standalone, but if you fall in love with the characters and want more, the books should be read in sequence.

Please Note: The series has many potential triggers, including:


Taboo relationship, gun violence, self-harm, drug abuse, domestic abuse, dub con sex, choking, mental breakdown, child abuse, swearing and violence.

Gallery of Characters

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