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It's Spooky Season! Review of Skin Sessions series by J.P. Jackson

This is the perfect time of year for me to review the Skin Sessions series, which is a Gothic, Dystopian, ongoing horror story about Damon and his motley band of sex workers who run the Unicorn's Horn. There are three novellas so far. I have already written a review for the first one (Demon at the Doorstep,) and this month I'm reviewing the next two.

Branded and Bedeviled (Skin Sessions #2)

I was delighted to find out this book kind of concentrates on Corbin, the cute witch boy (legal) who loves to tie up his clients and whip them into submission. There's also a hugely fun side plot involving Corbin's mother and a monster in the basement, which is (if you're like me) laugh out loud funny.

In this book, the Unicorn's Horn is in the middle of a renaissance thanks to resident incubus, Taz, (who was inadvertently summoned by a spell that went wrong.)

Elsewhere, a spot of insta-love is happening between Skylar and Matt, and Gavin (Sir) is finding that keeping the huge, hairy Taz happy is almost a full-time job...

This series has already found its feet, with strong characters and many darkly funny moments, as well as blood spillage aplenty. Definitely one to check out, but read the first book first and you'll understand a lot more.


This is book #2 in the Skin Sessions series. It is strongly recommended to read them in order.

Gavin Medici, the owner of The Unicorn's Horn, has settled the arrangement made with the incubus Taz-rial, and within hours of completing his pact, the pleasure house is overwhelmed with customers and reservations.

Corbin, the witch boy who cast the spell that invited Taz-rial has an old client suddenly return. But in the middle of his skin session with his date, Corbin's old wound begins to fester. He's never told anyone that he's infected. And he certainly hasn't shared that the source of the infection is a flesh-eating ghoul.

As the undead virus begins to take hold, the boys of the pleasure house band together to save him, but in the end, it's Taz-rial who saves the day...for an additional small price.

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