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My 10 Favourite Books of 2021

I haven't had a lot of time for reading this year, but I did manage quite a few, and here are my favourites of the year. I've discovered some new authors and some are ones I'm familiar with. I hope you enjoy my choices.

Stay safe and sane over the holiday period. I wish you all a very peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2022. Thank you all for reading this blog.

Lady J xx

10. The Night of Many Endings

I read this book over two nights. It was such a page turner with a great selection of characters caught in a snow storm in a town library. Their stories and the way they get to know each other was fantastic. A feel-good read with bite. See my review here.

9. Summoned by J.P. Jackson

Gory, sexy and bold. This story shows why it is never wise to meet your heroes. And there is a cute talking twig. Great world-building and relatable characters. See my review here.

8. Tank by Tirza Schaefer

A new-to-me author, but I've quickly fallen in love with her warm writing style, of mid-life heroines and male heroes who respect women and see them as equals. There is also a mystical element which is fun too. See my review here.

7. Morning Glory Milking Farm by C.M. Nascosta

A broke ass woman trying to get by, takes a job "milking" minotaurs for their precious seed and unexpectedly finds love with a monster who is pure beef. This book is sexy, funny and outrageous. Definitely in a class of its own. See my review here.

6. I Am She by Swit La Pound

This South African author pulls no punches when writing what it can be like for women in rural African towns. This book is no exception; the story of a good girl gradually tempted by finery and status, which leads her down a dark path. Book 3 in the Emotions series. Read my review here.

5. Evangeline Goes West by Julia DeBarrioz

A beguiling cowboy romance, perfectly evoking ranch life whilst spinning out a slow burn love affair between an older woman and a younger ranch hand. Historic domestic abuse, the female character's body and age issues and an exciting finale give this an edge. Wonderful. See my review here.

4. Games We Play by Dana Isaly

This was a relatively short read, but it made an impression. The two main characters, Quinlan, a female journalist, and .... the gamer she has been tasked to interview, discover common ground in a Dom/sub scenario lasting one night. This was an example of a novella where the characters are beautifully drawn, with a great plot and very sexy too. Read my review here.

3. The Wake of Sins by Catrin Russell

The sixth book in this stunning series is so involved and complex, with huge cast of characters, yet the author has managed to keep me enthralled throughout this series. This is the fifth book. The sixth and final one is just about to be published. Read my review here.

2. Life Seed (Book 1: WURL) by Albert Nothlit

This book has made a massive impression on me. I loved the world-building, the characters, the WURL. It was was an adventure, a warning, a love story and a boy's voyage of self-discovery. First in a series, but the ending is so good, you won't mind waiting for the next book to come out. Read my review here.

1. My Favourite book/series of the Year

It had to be this series really. Everything about it is perfection. There's a love story, angst by the bucketload and two heartbreaking endings. The triggers should be heeded but I loved the craftsmanship of these books, the storytelling and the characters. They really will bring you to your knees. Read my review of Tainted Love here.

Honorable mentions

These books didn't make my top 10 but were wonderful stories; creative, entertaining and just plain enjoyable to read.

Virgin's Curse - J.C. Seal

Angels and Demons slug it out whilst a mid-life couple (who could be angels as well) navigate love and family dynamics. Read my review here.

Tropical Punch (the Bubbles in Space series) by S.C. Jensen

Technicolour sci-fi with a noir feel. Brutal in places and a lot of fun, with a flawed, relatable heroine. Read my review here.

Tied to Darkness by I. Velez

More Angels and Demons, but with an enemies to lovers trope thrown in. Great characters and some hot sex. Read my review here.

Tsunami by Gordon Gumpertz

Kind of schlocky, but a great disaster novel with all the usual suspects: the maligned young scientist, the rugged coast card, an evil CEO, some gangsters and corrupt people in power. Some of it is laughable, but it IS entertaining. See my review here.


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