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Review - A Little Christmas: Sawyer by R.A. Frick

I think it's worth saying the Little/Daddy dynamic isn't my thing. So why did I read it? The Die Hard plot, of course! I mean, come on, wouldn't you be curious? I read different kinks all the time and remain unfazed by most things, though the big fat exceptions are non-con, illegal, scatalogical and abusive. If you're an interested bystander, like myself, read on. If not, this book isn't for you.

I've learned recently that I like Holiday themed stories. They are hugely varied, from the cozy cottagecore to the dark AF. And then you get the boldly out there ones, grabbing the themes from famous Holiday movies and twisting them to suit their universes or just for the joy of writing. Or shits and giggles, whatever.

And I'm guessing that's what happened here. Why not put the Die Hard plot, with all the famous set pieces and tropes (Bruce's bare feet, a white vest, guns, a tall building, a loud bang, a villain in a suit) and drop it slap bang in the middle of Sawyer and Daddy Dylan's romantic Christmas? Sounds like fun! (We'll sweep aside potential issues with lifting the idea directly from the movie. Not sure John McTiernan (Director) will be too fussed about this version, to be honest.)

The story was certainly an education. I've learned the dynamic isn't one I'm wholly at ease with, especially during the smutty scenes. No judgement but I just don't get the kink or some of the language used around it. Yes, it was fun to watch tough Marine, Daddy Dylan, come over all Brucie as he clambers around heating ducts, trying to save the day, whilst the evil family member who wants to take over the corporation holds everyone hostage 300 feet above the ground. But this did mean I had Bruce Willis in my head when reading this story, which worked when he was tussling with the bad guys. It didn't work as well (for me) when he was saying things like, "no touching that cute little penis of yours. That's mine." Yikes.

Sawyer is a Middle, so there is no ABDL (yes, I had to look it up. It means Adult Baby/Diaper Lover) Well, I can't say I was unhappy about that and appreciated the heads up. Sawyer's commitment to his kink did distract from the person he was inside and I didn't feel I got to know him, other than he loved his Daddy. All the characters felt a bit one note and the book would have benefited from crisper editing, eg., Holly detached my arms...

One word on the cover: I know Age Play is involved, but the model looked terrifyingly young. Everyone in the book is legal, otherwise I would have dropped it like a hot fucking brick,) but I'm noticing a disturbing trend in young-looking models being used on covers (and I'm talking teenage young, not early twenties young.

That aside, this book gives anyone who is questioning different kinks plenty to think about. There are lollipops, spanking, praise kink, sleeping kink (something I could really get behind, to be fair,) and a plot twist involving an inheritance. It's jolly, smutty and daft, with giggly dialogue. "Suck glitter farts, Daddy-fucker!"

In the end, it wasn't my cup of chai, though it was interesting to learn about different kinks, and the representation of different gender and sexuality was widespread. One thing that did strike me though, This is a fun story, but in real life, the trust needed to live in the Little/Daddy dynamic is off the scale. Child's play, it ain't.


I miss my Daddy, especially when the plot of Die Hard becomes my life…

Sawyer: When my doting parents died suddenly, I also found out they lost everything. Two years after becoming homeless as a teen, I met the man who helped me get into college and became my Daddy Dylan. Together five years, we have never spent Christmas together, and this year I need him more than ever.

I miss my boy, but I have a surprise or two for him!

Daddy Dylan: Being in the Marines, I haven't seen my boy in over a year, and I hate to miss another Christmas. We’d spent more time apart than together in our relationship, but I plan to change that. I don’t get to enjoy the surprise like I wanted when my arrival turns into a rescue mission. A MM Daddy/little Christmas Twist on The Little Princess Classic, A Little Christmas: Sawyer is a 25K novella featuring: Lots of lollipops, spanking, and mild age play, but Sawyer is a Middle, so no ABDL. It also has the level of violence and cussing you should expect from seeing a Die Hard movie, but also... age gap, formerly rich orphan, boy in peril, Daddy to the rescue, sleeping k1nk, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

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