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Review - A Little Slice of Heaven by Tirza Schaefer

I love Tirza's books because they are like a warm hug on a cold day, the literary equivalent of cashmere in winter, or a summer afternoon in a shady hammock. Nothing really bad ever happens. There are serious issues to be dealt with by some of her characters, but the men are wonderful, supportive and understanding, and the women independent and strong yet not averse to some rough (but ALWAYS consensual) handling. The author has hit upon a magic formula yet each book is different. Like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, one never really knows what you're going to get. The three main ingredients are always there though: strong women, hot, tough-as-nuts men, and lush romance.

This novel is a great example of a true storyteller at work. Roxy doesn't need Damon and Bone. She is determined to deal with her problems herself but she is very happy when they show up. Not expecting their appearance to change her life forever, she is happy to help them after some mechanical issues. Over good food and wine, they all discover a mutual respect, lust and understanding which leads to love.

Insta-love haters, leave now. Polyam romance deniers, there's the door. Cynics? Why are you even reading this? There is no MM romance in this story, but Damon and Bone have a bromance going on which is lovely to read, created by years as Navy SEALs and having to trust each other. The way they confess their love for Roxy is adorable. These two toughies are as soft as marshmallows inside and not ashamed to admit it. Fighting off evil men with their sights set on Roxy, or willingly tasting the delectable treats Roxy has for them, both food and body-wise, these two men know how to take care of business. Roxy is a lucky woman indeed.

Finally, Damon and Bone; surely the best names ever for soldier romance heroes. Just saying...


A Little Slice of Heaven is a summer romance novella that was formerly part of a summer anthology and is now available on its own as an extended version with extra chapters and more added content.


Damon and Bone, two US Navy Seals have taken their leave from serving their country and decide to go on a road trip to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. The tyre of their Harley bursts along the coast and they find a house overlooking the sea with an enchanting lady eager to help.

Roxy is not afraid of the two dangerous bikers but feels safe with them. Unless you count her attraction to them both. She had thought she had left love long behind. However, she is happy to try out her new food creations on her willing victims who also offer to do repairs around the house as payment for her hospitality.

Little do these three know before long, Roxy will need a lot more help than all of them had ever thought. Roxy has to face her dark past and the freshly retired Seals have a call back to action. But the greatest challenge is Roxy's preconceived idea of what true love should look like.

Will her worldview stand in her way of allowing all her dreams to manifest?

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