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Review - A Mermaid's Tail by J.C. Seal

As the fifth book in the Angels & Demons universe, this is a complex and multi-faceted standalone novel, with elements of ancient history and adventure thrown in.

Can I just say I love J.C. Seal's work. It takes a while to read each book, as there are many characters and the plot is very involved, but it's so worth it.

Verena is a typical stroppy teenager, except she isn't. Her powers are strong, but as yet ungoverned, leading her into all kinds of awkward situations. She's a mermaid! She's a cat! She trains with a sword so she fight in a Persian war! There's a lot to take in. The author's imagination knows no bounds and I'm here for it.

The book is described as a romance, but I would say it is more a fantasy adventure, with romance sprinkled throughout. There are excellent fighting scenes, and a heartbreaking section with two characters who had really captured my heart.

The author sure knows their mythology, and it is used very effectively throughout this richly-tapestried novel. I loved A Virgin's Curse and I love this too. If you like your books to be complex, with three-dimensional characters and dry humor as well as high drama and tension, you should definitely try this.


A shocking secret and a warning message to the past leaves teenage Mermaid-Angel Verena stranded in Egypt long before her time, right in the middle of a war against Persian occupation.

~Without hope of returning home, she tries to protect the message’s recipient from a horrible fate without destroying her own future.

~Falling in love complicates matters. Will she be able to protect the timeline and her heart, or will she be forced to make an impossible choice? A Mermaid's Tail is a slow-burn paranormal coming-of-age romance novel, mostly set in Egypt around 500 BC, mixed with mythology, love and adventure. It's the fifth book in the Angels and Demons universe. It can be read as a standalone, though characters from the previous novels will make an appearance. There will be war scenes with fighting, loss, heartbreak, and one non-graphic, moderate love scene.

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