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Review - A Mermaid's Tears by J.C. Seal - Featured in Children of War

The anthology contains some stunning works from great authors, some writing in the fantasy genres, such as this one, A Mermaid's Tears, from J.C. Seal.

Verena is a teenager who has had much heaped upon her young shoulders, living in times of turmoil, who has to learn combat skills to help protect her people. In doing so, she time-jumps into the past. This isn't a story as such, but a series of diary entries Verena has written. She is a competent, brave young woman who fights like a lion, yet craves family and to be a "normal" teenager. With great action scenes and lots of characters, this is a great introduction into J.C. Seal's work and her Angels & Demons series. I've also read A Virgin's Curse and that was massively entertaining as well. Definitely worth checking out.


A Mermaid's Tears is a short story playing in my Angels and Demons universe. The main character is a mermaid-angel hybrid Verena, who accidentally ends up in Egypt's past, around 524 BC. This is the diary of her most emotional moments. There will be time jumps between the diary entries, but I hope you enjoy reading the glimpses into her life. Verena's full story will be told in A Mermaid's Tail, coming Winter 2022.

A future torn apart by war…

Adolescence lost to battle…

What becomes of those who lose their childhood to armed conflict?

In this anthology, a diverse group of authors from around the globe bring you a multi-genre collection of short stories about children trapped in war. Includes literary fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and memoir. In diverse settings of fantasy worlds, Ancient Greece or India and even historical and modern-day Ukraine, explore the lives of children touched by warfare. Some go in search of healing, others are forced to walk in the darkness of guilt and remorse. Each story provides a glimpse of both the horrors witnessed and the potential for redemption. Through the lens of trauma, the authors of this anthology provide not only rays of hope but also powerful messages and much food for thought. The stories in this collection have been crafted to honor those affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and support their healing in the future. No one's potential should be crippled because of trauma inflicted during their most impressionable years. And yet an entire generation of Ukrainians is threatened with just this outcome.

All proceeds of this anthology will be donated in perpetuity to Voices of Children Foundation in Ukraine or another similar charity. Stories include: Through Vira’s Eyes by MJ Krause Chivers

Not Dead, Just Sleeping by Darrah Steffen

A Child of Minidoka by Joan T. Seko

Jonah by C. Borden

The Prince and the Flute Player by C. Phillip

The Tarnished Key by Susan Stradiotto

A Mermaid’s Tears by J.C. Seal

The Dragon’s Demise by Daan Katz

The War Legacy by Nandita Pant Joshi

A Vampire’s Heart by I. Vélez

The Curse of Blood by Lauren Lee Merewether

Child of Destruction by Astrid V.J., USA Today Bestselling author

Through the Eyes of a Child by Pam Floyd

The Borrowed Life by Elena Shelest The cover for this anthology was donated by Pallabi Pattanaik as a contribution toward this project. This anthology includes illustrations by Ukrainian-American author-artist Elena Shelest. Content Warning: Due to the nature of the subject matter explored in this anthology, this book is not suitable for sensitive readers with past experiences of trauma. The authors have not shied away from the atrocities committed during wartime and how that affects children because we wanted to honor the experiences of this most vulnerable of population groups whose trauma so often is brushed under the carpet by the adults playing war games. This anthology is suitable for stable individuals 16+ who are willing to step out of their comfort zones to glimpse what is known about how children are affected by violent conflict, whether they are forced to flee their homes, witness atrocities, suffer injuries or lose loved ones. Specific content warnings are included with the stories that are most likely to trigger a sensitive reader. These are: mention of suicide or suicidal thoughts: A Mermaid’s Tears, The Curse of Blood and The War Legacy; physical violence and torture as well as mention of sexual assault: The Dragon’s Demise; emotional violence: Child of Destruction. Each of these stories includes an individually tailored, detailed content warning.


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