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Review - Addict by Porsha Deun

Ooh la la! This was a very spicy surprise. From the very first page, you know what Destiny likes. She makes no bones about it. (I can't say it because this review is going on Amazon and - y'know - censorship...

That is how scorching, sizzling hot this is. Destiny is a curvy black woman who isn't ashamed to say she loves sex. And I mean luuuurves it. This is a relatively short read at 57 pages, but every page is so smoking, it might just burn up your e-reader. I'm not kidding. I had to put mine in ice.

I literally can't say any more without giving away the plot. Only to say there is a twist, and a humdinger of an ending. This is a gleefully written tale of an anti-heroine who takes no prisoners. Despite what happens in the book, I kind of liked her, but one thing is for sure. Destiny is one lady you never want to cross.


Destiny has no shame when it comes to her sex life. In fact, she’d much rather have sex than love any day. That’s why she created what she calls her magic dick team. Life was good just the way it was… Until it wasn’t. Destiny was more than unhappy when a member of her team decided to jump ship for love. She’s determined to keep her team intact at all costs and take down anyone that gets in her way.

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