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Review - All The Battles We Surrender by Garry Michael

Establishing Garry Michael as one of my go-to authors for #ownvoices MM romance, this story is a heartbreaker, albeit it one with a good ending.

The likeable characters, Jace and Sawyer, are married but estranged after Sawyer’s desire to continue another three years medical training curtails their plans to move to Alaska. Jace has moved anyway, widening the rift between them.

After Sawyer’s leukaemia diagnosis, he travels to see Jace to tell him, and gradually, they find a way to re-establish their previously close bond.

Jace’s father, Kyle, a recovering alcoholic after his wife and Jace’s beloved mom, dies from cancer, is a fragile figure in the background. He is now sober and fighting to re-connect with Jace, who has cut ties with him because of his drinking. Kyle is determined that Jace and Sawyer mend their relationship, especially after hearing of Sawyer’s illness.

This is a novel about forgiveness, acceptance and love, of grief and healing. It’s a wonderful warm read that shows the world isn’t all bad. Jace and Sawyer are perfect for each other, Jace a cop and Sawyer a doctor, and their relatives roles are present throughout the book.

The secondary characters are accepting and loving, but not in a sugar-sweet way (what an adorbs gay couple!) Their sexuality is no big deal and the author hasn’t fallen into the gays good/straights bad trope, thank goodness.

A great romantic read, cozy AND hot, a standalone novel forming part of the From The Ashes series. I’ve read all three books now, all in the wrong order, but it doesn’t matter. They all stand up on their own and are good, solid romances.


Time. That was what Sawyer Montgomery thought he had until he realized that it was running out. Now, all he wanted to do was right a wrong from three years ago. He made a vow to spend what little time he had left with Hawkins, the only man he ever loved. He would try everything to penetrate Hawkins’ armor before it was too late.

Time. That was what Jace Hawkins needed more of to forget his estranged husband. But after three long years, Sawyer showed up at the Alaskan home where they had promised to spend the rest of their lives together. The anger he thought he’d feel at seeing Sawyer again was nowhere to be found. Instead, it was replaced by an overwhelming fear of losing his lost love forever.

One man is battling to save his life, while the other fight to protect his still aching heart. To which battles are Sawyer and Hawkins willing to surrender?

All the Battles We Surrender is a story about second chances and valuing what everyone wishes for near the end.

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