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Review - Beautiful Skin by Angela Roe and various

I really enjoyed this anthology. Any collection of stories by varying authors is inevitably going to have some which the reader likes more than others, but it would be unfair of me to say which stories I preferred. This is a wonderfully diverse mix of styles, with protagonists of differing sexualities and races, some trying to find love, others trying to avoid it at all costs. As I said, some stories are stronger than others, but I'll leave the reader to decide which those are as everyone's taste is different.

It's a sexy brew with sweet romance and balls-to-the-wall screaming orgasms, bittersweet love stories and all the wonderful traditional romance tropes. There's enemies to lovers, secret crushes, guilt to lust, meet cute, angst and hurt/comfort; basically, if you're a romance reader, and you're yearning for someone to identify with, who isn't the mainstream white/blonde/"perfect figure" (whatever that's supposed to be,) this collection of tales is definitely worth checking out.

Finally, Perfect Skin is a great big compendium of great stories compiled for a terrific cause, combating Sickle Cell so even if you only enjoy half of them, it's still worth the money, and a generous 50% goes to charity.


Love is complex. Love is beautiful. Love is diverse. Love is for all. Beautiful Skin is an anthology of short stories from a diverse group of authors who believe love, in all its many colors, shapes, and forms, is simply stunning. This collection features tales from genres such as contemporary, erotica, paranormal, interracial, M/M, F/M, M/F/M, and M/M/M romance. Allow us to take you on a journey that will enthral your mind and leave you desiring more from these authors. Fifty percent of the proceeds from this anthology will go to a charity with a great initiative: aiding in the fight against sickle cell. Please be advised that all stories are intended for a mature audience of readers who are 18+ years.

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