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Review - Chased Beyond The Tide (Book 3) by N. Dune

The third and final book in the Beyond the Tide trilogy. Read my reviews of Escape Beyond The Tide, Found Beyond The Tide and A Bridge To Forever (an MM Romance in the Beyond The Tide universe.)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this enthralling series, even though at the beginning, I wasn't sure whether I could cope with the domestic violence aspect. There are trigger warnings, and the author is diligent in preparing potential readers for what is in store for them, without compromising the plot.

The three books deal with three different couples in the same friendship group down in Cornwall. The seaside setting is described well and the reader really feels as if they are part of the close-knit community where these stories take place.

This book details the relationship between Marcus, who is investigating the disappearance of the murderous ex of one of the other couples, and Chloe, who is one of the victim's sister. Obviously, this isn't strictly allowed, so a lot of the book is a slow burn as each fights their feelings for the other.

Meanwhile, Damon, the murderous ex, is on the loose, and it is only a matter of time before things come to a head, because it becomes increasingly clear that he is obsessed with Chloe.

There is a genuinely creepy sense of impending menace about the book, despite the cosy descriptions of family and friends having a great time together and supporting each other. We also see characters from the other books make an appearance, still reeling from the fact that Damon is still at large. The plot is deceptively twisty, without making the reader work too hard to understand what is going on. It's a solidly tense and engaging read with characters I really cared about, and I loved every minute of it.

And the growing sensual tension between Chloe and Marcus is HOT, especially when it finally explodes into life. There is an age difference, Chloe being 21, but this didn't put me off. Both characters acted their age and found a way to make their attraction work.

Without adding spoilers, I would say that when something terrible does happen, it is handled wonderfully, sensitively, and with real care for authenticity. You can feel the author's desire to get the domestic abuse part of the story right, and not have everything fixed by sex. It's really well-handled and I have a great respect for this series, even though I very nearly passed it by. I'm so glad I didn't.


Since she was a teenager, Chloe’s had one goal—to track down her sister’s killer and bring him to justice. Chloe never believed that her sister had run away, she knew that Leah had been killed, there is no way her sister would have left without a word. What Chloe hadn’t planned for was falling in love with the emotionally shut off detective who was put in charge of re-opening her sister’s case. Marcus had always needed control in all areas of his life. He has no time for a relationship and no need for the feelings that Chloe was evoking deep inside him. But once she gets under his skin, all bets are off. Marcus thought he could control it. He thought he could protect her. He was wrong. When their worlds are turned inside out, and all hope appears to be lost, will their love for one another persevere and heal them … or will it be too late? Chased Beyond the Tide is the third and final book in the Beyond the Tide trilogy. This series needs to be read in order. Chased Beyond the Tide is a steamy romantic suspense book which contains violent scenes that may be a trigger for some readers.


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