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Review - Cursed by J.P. Jackson

I've been looking forward to this, I loved Summoned (see my review here) and this is the next instalment. To be fair, it can be read as a standalone, as the author does a stellar job of explaining what happened in the first book, without info-dumping or forced insertions of prose. So if you haven't read Summoned, it's okay, but really, it isn't. I mean, why haven't you? You're missing out.

And this book, I'm loathe to say but I will anyway, is actually better. The characters have had a chance to mature and be rounded out. We really get to know this engaging bunch of werewolves, fae and witches, and the plot, although complex, is easy to follow. Basically, there are two groups of friends, Cam and Everton, trying to sort out one magical mess, and Dev, Sparks and Tully trying to solve another. There's also a werewolf on the loose, and a vengeful witch trying to make trouble for all of them. Mayhem ensues.

I love this book. I saw flashes of the author's humour and mischief-making in Summoned, but this time, he's really let loose. There are fabulous scenes, some of which are incredibly steamy, and the terrific themes of friends supporting friends, queer brothers in arms and a lovely polyamory twist I wasn't expecting.

Be warned though, this author has a twisted heart, so don't expect things to be resolved in one pretty, neatly wrapped bow. I said this about Summoned, but I'm going to say it about this book. This is his best yet. Brilliantly written, with sparky dialogue and sumptuous world-building, dark humour and a great balance of romance, horror and tension in the magical world which exists alongside our own.


Cam Habersham is having a hell of a time keeping up with his fae studies in the Ancestral Lands because a certain werewolf constantly interrupts his thoughts. Everton Lilch is the wolfen beast who follows Cam around, but he pushes Cam away every time things get steamy.

The queen of the fae has had enough and tasks Cam with an impossible feat, an undertaking only Everton can help him accomplish.

Without his coven, Sparks Gemmell is a lost witch. In desperation, he casts a spell, hoping to reunite his brothers. But he doesn’t count on the wayward route magic often takes. He finds himself wrapped up in a mandate of the horned god and inserted into his Shadow Brothers’ relationship in order to protect his city from the darkest elements of the Shadow Realm.

As the darkness of the Shadow Realm descends, Cam and his werewolf, along with Sparks and his coven brothers, confront wraiths, mutant werewolves, and witch law enforcement. Chaos erupts in an effort to please queens and gods.

After all, it comes down to the ley of the land.

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