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Review - Dear Soldier, With Love by Talon P.S. & Tarian PS.

This relatively short story is a touching and bittersweet tale of a heartbroken solder who receives an impassioned letter from an unknown woman. The premise is an unusual one. The soldier replies but passes his reply and the letter on to another, who is able to send it. After that, the letter is seen by various soldiers in the midst of a war-torn area (we're not told where.)

Maybe belief has to be suspended at the eloquent and sometimes erotic replies the various soldiers send to the unknown woman. As time goes on, we hope that her words do reach her Beloved. When they do, the ending is startling, sad and in its own way, beautiful.

An extremely unusual book with a premise that not all will get. Undoubtedly romantic, tragic and alluring. Four paws for originality and depth as well.


A mysterious love letter, no name or return address shows up in a soldier’s hands, looking for her lost Beloved Soldier. Unable to find him, she reaches out to another who perhaps no longer feels the reach of his own woman, hoping to touch someone who will in turn bring back her beloved.

Army Corporal Christian Brice was the first to receive the letter, coming only a month after his fiancé had sent him a Dear John. So moved and touched,, he writes her back, but unable to send it directly, he shares both the letter from her and the correspondence he wrote with others like him.

Thus begins the journey of a woman’s heartfelt words written on paper across a war torn area to deliver a sweet kiss to those who need to feel it.

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