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Review - Devil's Due by J.P. Jackson

Dominic Ronove (Dom!) is a badass demon who is very good at his job, giving humans whatever they want for six years before they have to repay the debt, often bloodily and always without mercy.

Malik is a cute, intelligent guy who moves across Dom's radar and piques his interest, setting in motion events which Dom has to fight had to control, without not much success.

Seriously, this author's writing is getting better and better. I thought he had really found his true voice in Summoned and this book is just as brilliant. Sexy times mix with dark humour and delicious amounts of gore, offset by Malik's sweetness and Dom's brutal elegance.

But what makes this stand out is the humour, with darkly funny situations and whiplash dialogue which keeps the book moving on at a smart pace. I'm not going to spoil it for you. Find out for yourself! The cover is deceiving. Dark though it is, it sparkles with wit and love. The two main characters, Dom and Malik, have real chemistry but be warned, nothing is as it seems...


Dominic Ronove is a contract demon who’ll get you anything you want, for six years, and a small token of your appreciation.

Malik Parsa is an easy-going gay twenty-something with a conventional everyday existence – until he meets Dominic Ronove.

Imagine Dominic’s surprise when he discovers Malik isn’t human, and every other supernatural creature in the city wants to get their claws into him. J.P. Jackson is an award-winning author of dark urban fantasy, paranormal, and paranormal romance stories that feature LGBTQ+ main characters. He works as an IT analyst in health care during the day, and lives with his husband of 24 years and his two Chihuahuas, Canela and Jalisco. His other hobbies include hybridizing African Violets (thanks to grandma), extensive traveling, and believe it or not, knitting.


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