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Review - Ditching The Dream by Isabelle Peterson

Ditching the Dream is the first book in the steamy Dream Series of romantic page-turners (all out and available.) If you like sizzling chemistry, complex heroes, and endings that leave you craving more, then you’ll love this passionate page-turner.

Okay, so you need to leave a bit of reality at the door. I mean, if it were possible to get a cool job in Manhattan, AND a central apartment, AND meet two hot guys, all in the space of two weeks, I'd probably be booking my ticket to NYC too (ssh, don't tell anyone!) But you know what? Who cares if it isn't grittily realistic? Who cares if that kind of luck doesn't happen to ordinary people?

The thing is, Lizzy IS an ordinary middle-aged woman, love handles and all. She's been married for many years and has three grown children and a husband who just doesn't appreciate her. Frankly, he comes over as a bit of a knob. So yes, Lizzy, go sow those oats! Go bang these guys and cut your hair and wear different clothes! I was cheering for her.

As the book goes on, we realise she isn't sure whether this is a total lifestyle change, or just an exciting few weeks of total freedom. She can't make up her mind between younger, sexy teacher, Kevin, or suave, complicated businessman, Jack. Both are hot catches, to be honest, and the struggle is real. The sex is also superhot, as she hasn't promised exclusivity so is enjoying both of them. Go Lizzie!

I can't say any more with spoiling it, but suffice to say, the plot isn't as obvious as you might think, and the ending may well surprise you. It leads neatly onto the next book, and if you're invested in Lizzy's character and story, you'll want to keep reading. This books the the first in a six book series.

Finally, this is a great romance in a modern setting, with a modern woman who isn't afraid to explore her sexuality. A wife and mother, in her forties, who realises she has missed out on a lot of life. Now her children don't need her as much, she has decided to concentrate on her own needs, without coming across as selfish or self-indulgent. I love Lizzie and want to know more about her.


Elizabeth Fairchild thought she had everything she ever wanted. A successful husband. Three amazing children. A beautiful home in Napa, California. However, several months after their youngest child heads off to college, Elizabeth, who has been a stay-at-home mother for the past twenty-some years, realizes that she’s not sure who she is or what her passions are. Her husband is more married to his job than ever before. And Elizabeth doesn’t know what she wants to do. But she knows that she needs some space to figure it all out. Some distance from her seemingly perfect life. One impulsive flight later, clear across the country, Elizabeth finds herself in New York City. If she can make it there, she can make it anywhere! At first, her husband was livid. Who will cook him dinner? How is laundry going to get done? Is she having an affair? He decides to give Elizabeth a hall-pass, which only serves to further enrage her. How could he think such a thing after being married for over twenty years? But then she meets Jack Stevens. Sinfully gorgeous. Confident. Successful. And his eye on Elizabeth. There’s also something familiar about him. And then... Kevin Parker. Ruggedly handsome. Witty. A teacher. He makes her feel as young as he is. Both men show Elizabeth different sides of herself. Each gives her a new perspective. Enthralled and enlightened by her sanctioned affairs, she feared her entanglements could be less than temporary… Will the new Elizabeth embrace her scorching future, or will playing with fire leave her heart burned? Ditching the Dream is the first book in the steamy Dream Series of romantic page-turners. If you like sizzling chemistry, complex heroes, and endings that leave you craving more, then you’ll love Isabelle Peterson’s passionate page-turner. And you can keep turning the pages as Ditching the Dream is Book 1 in a 6 Book series.

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