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Review - Dollars to Collars by Mx. Alex

This is a super-quick read at 63 pages, which packs a great wallop. Having read Mx. Alex's books before, I know kind of what to expect, and I also trust they represent BDSM correctly and with intimate knowledge. It's a safe feeling, knowing you're reading something that feels authentic.

Hats off as well for not representing sex work as seedy and something to be ashamed of. It's honest work, even though it isn't for everyone, ALSO, someone not afraid to say the word BISEXUAL! This bode well when I began reading.

And it's great, an unexpectedly sweet as well as kinky story, as Quinn entrusts himself to Xander (Master X) If you want a handsome Dominant with lots of money and a sex dungeon, and yes, I KNOW there's a lot of them around - supposedly) you could do a LOT worse with Xander. He seems quite a sweetheart, to be honest. The fluffy towels and snacks in his dungeon would win me round, anyway. This story is short, so there isn't much time to pack in a lot of back story, but I'm interested enough to want to know more about these characters and find out what makes them tick.

Oh, and did I mention the sexy times? Really hot. Okay, I'll be honest. Looking in, at first there doesn't seem to be anything new. Wealthy Dom: check. Sassy sub; check. Gorgeous old house; check. Sexy dungeon; check. BUT, this is written by someone who knows the lifestyle and who cares about accurate representation, and I'll take that any day of the week.


Quinn is an out and proud bisexual sex worker who recently ventured into the BDSM lifestyle. His submissive tendencies have caught the attention of a handsome Dominant who introduces himself as simply Master X. Master X has been Quinn’s regular for several months when he invites Quinn to his house for a full night of kink at double his usual rate. More than ready to dip his toes even further into the lifestyle, Quinn happily accepts.

As a wealthy bachelor and a well-known member of the local BDSM community, Xander, also known as Master X, could have any submissive he wants. What he wants is Quinn, a sex worker with a submissive side just begging to be opened up and explored to its fullest potential. Xander is more than willing to show Quinn the ins and outs of his lifestyle, starting with some scenes in Xander’s own private sex dungeon. From there, who knows where the nights might take them.

3 interconnected short stories. One happily ever after.


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