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Review - Every Shade of Me by Alec John Belle

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read an ARC of this book, and from the first line, I was hooked.

The writing is wonderful, an easy read but one that deals with tough subjects. I had no idea what an empath was until I read this, but Grayson (the main character) has fought with his overly empathetic nature for years. It makes his emotions raw and near the surface, causing mental health issues and an inability to take life for granted as a lot of other people would.

This book shows his emotional journey, moving to a new town, making new friends and finding love for the first time. It's a tender, beautiful piece of work, as we fear for Grayson, root for him, cheer him on and cringe for him. He is easy to love and he's surrounded by wonderful, warm people who support him.

I was waiting for the inevitable crash, the back-stabbing and destruction of his new-found trust, but without revealing too much, it's okay. He's going to be okay. I had to know this before I started, so I hope it's okay to say it here. There are some shocks and surprises, but they are sensitively handled.

I loved this book. It was a beautiful story of a man finding his way in the world, gaining confidence and having courage to stick to his guns. Definitely worth checking out when it hits the shelves.


"Everyone is made up of colors. I just have a little more." Grayson has always been different. From the time he started truly understanding what emotions were, he knew that something about him was special. It wasn't until he turned eighteen that he realized what he was. An empath. Being an empath hasn't come without cost. While Grayson is always told it's a gift, the overwhelming wave of emotions is starting to run his life. Between starting his first year of college, living by himself, and trying to make a name for himself as a writer, he fears getting close to anyone. As he starts to fall in love with a boy he meets online, the worry strikes up. Getting close means getting hurt. Getting close means having to feel. And as he's learned from past experiences, feelings always have a way of taking control.

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