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Review - Feral by Selena Moore

I wanted to give our game heroine a duvet, a donut and a large glass of cranberry juice after this marathon, let me tell you. Either that, or the woman has a magic vagina and super-charged hormones. The spice is OFF THE SCALE, y'all. Off the scale. A supersized bangathon with love and intrigue tenuously woven in, although it didn't really need it. Those elements were the only apologetic part of this bonkbuster. I mean, really, don't let your religious aunt anywhere near this book. She'll self-combust.

Let me explain. Gemma goes to interview Jacob, a grumpy recluse with an amputated leg, who has done time for murder. Now he lives in isolation, surrounded by swamp. Gemma feels an immediate connection with him and basically, never leaves. Jacob is brutal, demanding, insatiable and rude, so naturally she is willing to accommodate all of his appetites, airily tossing aside her career to be his constant companion.

I think the disability part was handled well, although not having any experience in this issue, I can't say for sure. And all the kinks were consensual as far as I could see, although there wasn't a lot of emphasis on the etiquette of BDSM. That went out of the window, along with any worries about thrush after that anal/vaginal/oral penetration scene (that's a nope from me...)

There are lot of reasons why anyone of a feminist persuasion would be bristling by this point. The MC isn't a nice man. Emma is a little vapid at times (she reminded me of Ana in Fifty Shades,) but she knows how to tame the beast. When his son comes home, (which she previously had a one-night-stand with, not knowing who he was) there is a jolly threesome before the handsome young businessman departs, sore that she has chosen his father instead of him.

I mean, it's a "what the heck did I just read," frankly. It's a balls-to-the-wall fuckfest which would give any normal person an STI just reading it. It's a jolly and spicy read which isn't a deep-dive look into coercive relationships or anything else. If you like your reads fun, dark, sexy and taboo, then *waves book.* I've given it four stars because the story is SO OUT THERE. This is an author who isn't afraid to push every button going, and I really respect that.

Yes, the dialogue could have been sharper, and I didn't like the MC. I thought he was a pig, to be honest. I couldn't relate to Gemma but I'd love to hear of her adventures over a glass of chardonnay. She was a game girl and good for her. If you have triggers, forget it. This book isn't for you. Turn around, or back away slowly, keeping eye contact. It's up to you, but then RUN. RUN, little romance reader, run and never come back, because Daddy is coming.

And coming.

And coming…


He is twice my age. A convicted felon. A deformed recluse.

I was warned about meeting this man. My colleagues told me no one had seen him out of his home since he was released from prison. They told me he is a dangerous man. A murderer.

But nowhere was the extent of his burns mentioned nor that his disability has turned him into a deeply depraved man whom I craved to learn more about. A man who had shut himself off from the world the same day he was released from prison.

And still, I went, the allure of interviewing him in person too much to ignore. My desire to tell his story too strong.

And then I met him and he all but took my breath away.

My job as a journalist, the article I was to write, the reason for my visit no longer mattered.

This wild, feral man who had defied all odds was all that mattered. With him, I finally felt like I belonged.

FERAL is a 40K word Standalone Taboo Romance with a HEA

Content Warning and Trigger Warnings ⚠️ Tropes and triggers of this book include: BDSM, Age Gap, Daddy Kink, DVP, DP, MFM, praise and degradation, Somno and taboo themes some readers may find disturbing. FERAL does NOT include age play.

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