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Review - Found Beyond the Tide (Book 2) by N. Dune

Book 2 of the Beyond The Tide trilogy is a slow burn friends to lovers romance. At the end of Book 1, there has been a terrible incident involving Damon, Tilly's abusive ex, and in this book, they are still recovering from the impact he has made on all their lives.

I'm not accustomed to slow burn books. In fact, for a while, you wonder if Tilly and Connor will ever get down to it, although they both desperately want to. Usually, if the characters aren't naked by page 30, I'm breaking out into hives, so I failed to see why they take so bloody long about it, but when they finally do... *fans self.*

I'm gonna say it... take me to church! The heat of the sexy scenes took me by surprise, and for a moment, I thought I might be reading a totally different book. They are HOT, and if you've been lulled into a false sense of security, you'll have a shock. They are so well-written, and so sympathetic to the characters, but their feelings have boiled over, the blue touch paper has been lit and POW!

Until an annoying bloke called Mike hoves in but Connor soon sorts him out. Phew! I hoped this wasn't going to end on a specious misunderstanding so we would have another book of will they/won't they, but I'm happy to say, I was extremely satisfied with the ending. It opens the way for another romance in the same universe, with characters we already know and love from the first two books.

Until the sexy scenes, Found is a lovely, gentle romance about two nice people and their ever-interfering family and friends. The book feels real, as if this romance is being played out just down the street from where you live. There's an undercurrent of tension, caused by Damon, Tilly's abusive ex. He's a spectre, hanging over everyone. I feel for Tilly, every time she steps out the apartment she shares with Connor, and at times I did expect Damon to jump out and say 'boo,' in a totally unfunny way.

There is an incident near the end, which makes me wonder why Tilly hasn't moved to the other end of the country as it seems terrifying to me, but I'll be curious to see how this story is resolved in Book 3!


Can one kiss change everything?

Tilly’s feelings for Connor have always been complicated. She has been fighting them off since she was a teenager, believing that he couldn’t feel the same and would never see her as anything other than his best friend’s little sister.

That is until they kissed…

Connor refuses to acknowledge his feelings for Tilly. She can’t be anything more

than a friend. However, his feelings of friendship morph into something more when his protective instincts take over after a maniac nearly kills her.

Could there be something more between them?

Can love and friendship triumph over the obstacles thrown in their way? Will they find love beyond the tide?

Found Beyond the Tide is a friends-to-lovers, brother’s best friend, steamy romance with a mild suspense twist. It is book two in the Beyond the Tide series, which should be read in order, and it contains some scenes of violence.


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