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Review - Her Badass Bikers by Tirza Schaefer

I've read Tirza Schaefer's books before, and one thing is always certain. You never know what you're going to get. Actually, that isn't quite true. What you ALWAYS get is a sexy mature woman, smoking hot men, and unexpected twists and turns.

Ava is a woman I can identify with. She is older, she has curves, she's feisty yet tries to be kind, but what she does have, which I don't, is four men drooling over her. Not any ordinary men, but men of the Makani motorbike gang. These guys definitely work on the edges of the law, but just within its boundaries so we can forgive them a lot.

The story starts with Ava meeting a hot younger guy on the beach and realising she used to babysit for him when he was small. Life dealt them both bitter blows and they lost touch, but now he's back, all tattoos and long hair, telling her he's never stopped thinking about her. (NOTE: He is definitely of age when they meet again!) Through him she meets broken yet tender Snubbs, sexy bisexual Mace and superhot Liam. These are all well-rounded, wonderful characters, all with their own issues and hang-ups which are dealt with really well.

Ava's life isn't all roses. She is still holding on to guilt at not taking more care of Jax when she was babysitting him (even though she had her own problems) and in her apartment block, there's cute Darryl, 12, who has a crush on her. His mother, Gloria, sings gospel night and day and doesn't know what to make of her son or of Ava's alternative lifestyle.

There's so much here and I'm not going to spoil it, but this is a really fun, escapist read with some dark themes, namely PTSD and mental health issues. There is a tense scene with the MC President, an attempted rape and an exciting SWAT rescue at the local hospital. There's so much, and yet what really stands out is the mens' love for Ava, their tenderness and care, yet giving her space to be the woman she is, without smothering her. There is also a sexy and touching MM element to it, with Mace and Liam discovering the joys of domination together. There are also some sizzling scenes with Ava and her men in the playroom, with some BDSM elements and a sexy chair which you definitely wouldn't put your grandmother in!

I'm fairly new to the Reverse Harem trope and it will be interesting to see how others write it, but make no mistake. This book has a lot of heart. Tirza's books are a safe space in which bad things can happen, but everything works out. And that's no bad thing right now.


HER BADASS BIKERS is a contemporary standalone steamy MMMFMM reverse harem with over 112K words and a slight reverse age gap that has medium and slowburn elements, some humour and even though it's an overall feel-good read, it doesn't lack depth and dark elements. There are some unforeseen twists and turns, humour, elements of suspense and hot scenes that will make your panties go up in smoke.

The book centres around a mature woman in her early 40s who is building a relationship with four bikers from Hawaii's most infamous biker gang, the Makani MC in Honolulu. Meet Jax, Liam, Mace and Snubbs, four badass younger men who are members of the Makani MC, throw in a psychopathic villain, a SWAT team at a hospital and two teenagers that keep everyone on their toes and you're just skimming the surface. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A contemporary reverse harem that swept me off my feet. With bikers as badass as it gets, a lovely, smart and no-shit taking woman and an absolutely adorable 12 year old whom you can't help but love. Among others, that is. But I won't spoil and tell you more. For now. - The Magic Book Corner, International Book Blogger 


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