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Review - How I Got Hurt by Larry Buenafe

The tag line for this is NOTE: It could be because I'm stupid. Reading this hilarious collection of mishaps and childhood adventures, I'm surprised the author is here to tell the tale, but I'm so glad he is. This book is a wonderful insight into a poor childhood rich in experience and drama, with affectionate retellings of his parents trying to manage a large family with very little money, and the decisions they made, good and bad. The adventures the young Larry gets up to when out with his friends, especially as he reaches his teenage years, are hair-raising at times.

Each chapter holds a new escapade told in the author's inimitable style. I sense there is more going on in the background, but this is a light-hearted retelling of some stories which sound as if they have a serious edge.

The book ends at about 77% on Kindle, but that actually worked for me. There is a Prologue from one of his urban fantasy books, so if you like his writing, this is a great introduction into his world of fiction.

I loved this book. It was a quick read, and felt really true. An oddity to be sure, but a warm-hearted, fun one.


These are the hilarious true stories of my personal pain, injury, and humiliation, all written here for your enjoyment. Admit it: we all get just a little pleasure out of seeing that person who is a habitual red light runner getting pulled over and given a ticket. This collection of funny stories is written in that spirit; that bit of schadenfreude that exists in all of us. Inside, you will learn about... Ricky, the Stoner Skateboarder, The Great Lawnmower Caper, Basketballhead, Mother of the Year, The Melvyns Gang, and many others. You won't know whether to laugh or cry, but you might do both at the same time! Confession is good for the soul, and there is confession aplenty in this cringe-worthy romp. So what are you waiting for? Don't you need a little joy in your life, even if it's at my expense? Plunk down your cash and pick one up today (well, the digital version of picking one up, anyway)--and while you're at it, pick up one for each of your friends, family members, coworkers--heck, send one to your enemies, maybe sharing someone else's pain will bring you to a better understanding. You might even consider it a public service...nay, duty. You're welcome!

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