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Review - Ipso Facto ILU by Hudson Lin

This third tale in the Coffee House Shorts series is the tale of two nerds, and I say that in the nicest possible way. Brandon and Jonny are made for yaoi anime love stories - honestly. They are super cute, but smart too. Not just smart because the author tells us they are, but they engage in high-brow discussions that lost me at times.

Don't let that put you off though. This is the story of a love affair that begun before they even set eyes on each other. Brandon has admired Jonny from afar, via his podcast episodes, and Jonny has no idea Brandon exists. That is, until he visits Brandon's campus, and there's a storm, and snow and ONLY ONE BED and you can see where this is going, can't you?

Lovely writing, great character development, and a love story which doesn't feel forced or "insta" (although there's nothing wrong with that, and after the one bed and the storm, it would be forgiven anyway.)

And for those wondering, Ipso facto is a Latin phrase meaning by the fact itself. Still confused? Me too, but then, I didn't have a classical education. In the end, it didn't detract from the story. The cuteness of these characters is off the scale, and definitely worth checking out.

Other books in the Coffee House series include Take Me Home and My Name on Her Lips, which I've already reviewed.


PhD student Brandon Ng knows that “sexy” and “political science” don't often overlap, so when his celebrity crush, Jonny Lim, shows up on campus to scope out a potential new job, Brandon can't believe his luck. Sexy and smart and super nice, the political pundit and podcaster is way out of Brandon’s league, but there’s a spark between them that makes him hope for the impossible.

Brandon’s adorable awkwardness and peak nerdery is Jonny’s kryptonite. Yet, as tempting as Brandon is, the city of Toronto is a hard no, not when he has a perfectly good job offer and lovely weather back in Vancouver.When a snowstorm leaves Jonny stranded, he finds himself crashing in Brandon’s apartment, where they fend off the cold with heated debates and even hotter kisses. But one night together isn’t enough to convince Jonny to move to Toronto—is it?

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