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Review - Just the Tip (Volume 1) by Evie E. Melville

I'm so torn about this. I'm not usually one to bitch about the value of books. Buyer Beware and all that, but I feel compelled to say something on this occasion.

The story itself was great, a sexy, kinky short with good characters and steamy scenes. It was a quick read, including an intense knotting scene (not (sic) for everyone but there is a disclaimer,) and an HEA. I really enjoyed it.

My problem is this. The blurb seemed misleading. If the disclaimer says, and I quote, "The Just the Tip series is a collection of steamy short stories directed towards mature audiences," I read it as being a collection of short stories, not just ONE STORY which took barely twenty minutes to read. The word "series," didn't register until after I had begun to investigate further.

(And for the record, in other short story collections, they don't always put the blurb for every single story in the product description, hence I didn't find that strange.)

If someone (ie., me) checks out the author on Instagram, sees the cover (with NO mention of it being a volume of a series) then eagerly clicks the Amazon link, they won't necessarily realise immediately they've just bought ONE short story, for the price of a lot of 50,000 word e-novellas. It is not made clear and as a result, I feel short-changed and a bit pissed off, to be frank.

Should I have read the entire blurb to see what I was getting? Absolutely. Did I? Yes! And I still didn't pick it up. Maybe I've been grossly unfair to blame the author but here's no doubt this is a valuable lesson to me and other authors. Check your blurb. MAKE SURE YOUR READERSHIP KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GETTING! Will I read more by this author? Hmmm, probably not, although I like her writing. Once I suspect someone of sharp practice (whether or not it's justified) I'd rather move on and find an indie author who could do with the uplift and support. It's such a shame but here we are.

Volume 1: Just a Bite

She's been all alone at her home deep in the forest for years, isolated from the rest of the world and hiding from the virus and resulting wars plaguing Earth. When a beaten and bloodied beast of a man unexpectedly stumbles in the front door of her remote home, she tucks away her fear to help him.

But fear isn't the only thing she'll be tucking deep inside her body.

♥ This story is a steamy romance for adults. Enjoy! ♥

⚠ The Just the Tip series is a collection of steamy short stories directed towards mature audiences. Each story will contain coarse language and explicit steamy scenes. The stories may also contain scenes with multiple love interests, violence, and characters with questionable morals. At their core, these are romance stories that hinge on romance being defined differently by everyone and their personal experiences and likes; What’s appealing to some may be off-putting to others, and vice-versa. Reader discretion is advised. ⚠

Evie E. Melville is a published author, with several novels and novellas in the romance, fantasy, and paranormal genres under her other pen names. She noticed readers latched onto and appreciated the steamy scenes in her other works and decided to take a gamble and venture into the realm of writing short and steamy romance stories. And now she sits, biting her fingernails as she waits to see if the dice land in her favour.

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