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Review - Leather and Jewel by Alexis Rey

It's the end of May, and I'm being a bit lazy, y'all... Doing this today because it's the last day of the promotions below, so if you want to check those out before you read these reviews, scroll down! (After you've read this review, obviously.)

Anyhoo, I enjoyed this novella in the continuing Wonderland series. It's worth saying at this point that none of the novellas are standalone if you want to know more about Alice and Gabriel. They stand up as neat scenarios in their own right, but I guarantee you'll want to know more by the end of each one.

Alexis Rey has done it again, with a super-sexy, super-hot scenario between Alice and her Dom, Gabriel. Their relationship is slowly developing as she learns to trust him, and to push her own boundaries. Increasingly, I'm wanting to see what happens when they are outside Wonderland's walls. This series draws you in and tests your boundaries as well, as Gabriel's challenges become more - well - challenging! I'm still invested in these characters and want to know more about them, so it's on to Book 4!

See my reviews for Plush and Silk, the first two books in the series.


When Alice comes to the mysterious place known as Wonderland for the third time, she knows what to expect... or so she thinks.

However, the wall of toys and implements she discovers on arrival tells her otherwise. Her partner wants something from her and he will use those toys to get it.

Can Alice handle the new challenge?

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In this next novella, the jewel in question is a little bit of an anti-climax (sorry...) considering everything else that Alice has done in the last three books, but having said that, she takes it like a champ, after looking nervously at it for a few days. Bless, she's still so innocent, which is frankly surprising, but it takes all sorts.

Yes, I loved this latest adventure in Wonderland, with wide-eyed Alice being exposed to more fun times by Gabriel. I was intrigued and a little unnerved by the dacrophilia (a crying kink - look it up.) It certainly made for uncomfortable reading in places, but this is the beauty of this series. It is deceptively simple, yet incredibly complex, with characters increasing in depth and dimension.

Definitely one of my most memorable and enjoyable series to read so far this year. The short length of the novellas hide a lot of depth and are definitely worth checking out. I'll soon be reviewing Ink, which is Book 5 of the series.


Alice is safe from the influence of her mysterious stranger at home.

Or is she? When she went home after last time, something came home with her, and has not left her in peace since, a constant reminder of what happened. Last time was intense. It was too much. Alice isn't even sure she will go back to Wonderland.

Until she receives an unexpected message that leaves her with an itch only Wonderland can scratch.

And once she's there, her mysterious stranger will be sure to take her places she's never imagined, inching her towards a line she never thought she could cross. Tropes/triggers: -BDSM -secret love -alpha male/innocent heroine -unconventional love making -dacrophilia

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