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Review - Lost In The Dark by Leani M Lopez

Despite the "mass extinction lays waste to the world," set up, this is actually a lovely little novella with all the good juicy tropes; lost in the storm, hurt/comfort, only one bed, only two people left in the world. This is a new-to-me author, and I like her writing already.

Ivy is a heroine with all the good skills. She's a doctor, she hunts, and she's searching for other survivors in a cold, snowbound landscape. Doesn't sound cosy, but once she finds the abandoned cabin and all the provisions she needs, she is set up. All she needs is a handsome stranger to stagger through the door and this sounds more like heaven every day of the week.

I liked Ivy. She was relatable, with her tragic backstory and all too human weaknesses, but equally she was strong, a heroine for modern times. Simon is a big gentle bear of a man, and his admiration of Ivy's resourcefulness is wonderful.

This is a fun read, a romance first and foremost. I love how the author doesn't make Ivy the helpless female as soon as Simon appears. She is strong and capable, and he respects that. YES! A hero who respects a woman's boundaries and learns from her and wants to help without taking over. They are given time to get to know each other. Trust follows, and respect. Then when Ivy is comfortable enough to explain her needs, he doesn't push or coerce her. He's a gentleman throughout. Go Simon!

I loved reading this. It was great fun, well-written and an unabashed love story. Simon's vulnerability as he explains losing his friends, Ivy's desire to help other survivors and the couple's joy at finding happiness, is a wonderful, un-cynical thing. The sex is hot too, which is always a bonus!


After a mass extinction lays waste to the world, Dr. Ivy Solis finds herself on her own. Two years of solitude and struggling to survive in the harsh snowy wilderness have taken their toll. She’s convinced she’s the last person alive until a freezing and delirious mountain man named Simon stumbles into her cabin. Faced with companionship for the first time in years, Ivy and Simon have trouble letting go of their self-preservation instincts. They must rediscover what it means to trust another with their lives and their hearts. 

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