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Review - Mastering Morgan by R&C Christiansen

This book, from the creator of the Tainted Love series, is one of their older works and a fairly quick read at 225 pages. I love this author's work, so I was intrigued to see what they would do with an erotic book, based around the thorny subject of the sex trade. Please Note: the trigger warnings are there for a reason. Please take heed of them.

This story isn't really about Morgan, although she does feature a lot. Don't read this book hoping it will be balls-to-wall shibari erotica. It isn't. It's mainly about the relationship between two brothers, Lucca and Lincoln, who are enmeshed in the murky world of providing women for high-rolling clients, and asking no questions about how they are procured.

Morgan, the "little lamb," of the story, is prized by Lincoln, who has no morals whatsoever, but coveted by Lucca, who wants to save her from what he sees as a fate worse than death. Because she suffers from MS, he feels protective towards her, knowing that Lincoln won't let a small thing like serious illness stop him from possessing her.

This brings him in direct conflict with Lincoln, who is nursing a broken heart after the departure of his favoured woman, Lilly. There's a kicker of a twist and a nail-biting finish, which may or may not be a happy ending, depending on how you look at it.

I loved this story. It was maybe a little rough around the edges in the beginning, especially as we are getting to know Lucca and Lincoln, and how repellant their world is. Lucca isn't so bad but Lincoln is a hard man to like. One thing to understand with this author's stories is they will always be uncompromising, making you feel for someone you really should hate, and they've done it again with these characters.

I loved the tension-filled poker game, and the nefarious characters who slip in and out of the story. And the ending is just so surprising. Lincoln does have a redemption arc, but it's up to the reader to decide whether it is too little, too late. Morgan does get the answers she's been seeking, and the peace she deserves. Possibly. Maybe. I wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

As with Tainted Love, the writing is fantastic, the dialogue and scene-setting sharp and entertaining, with characters that will frustrate and delight you in turn. It's a wild ride that might make you feel slightly queasy, but then you'll want to do it all again!


Lucca Romero:She fucked up every plan I ever had the minute she walked into our club. She’s scantily dressed and unaware of who we are. Monsters. My brother and I,we are pure evil, I can’t deny it. But Morgan fucking Lexington, the lost little lamb, knows not what we are. Sadly, she’s about to find out, when I welcome her to hell.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains material not suitable for readers under 18 and deals with dark subject matter pertaining to the sex trade.


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