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Review - My Name on Her Lips by Hudson Lin

After Take Me Home, I just had to read the other two Coffee House Shorts from this author. Where as that book was a very short story, this one is a little longer, and as a result we discover more about Suki and Simone, individual coffee shop owners who respect and like each other, despite their rivalry.

What we have is two lovely, warm-hearted characters who are just MADE for each other. There's very little angst, and sparks of lust fly as they exchange friendly banter in their bid to win the spot as the city's top coffee shop. The whole book is a feel-good romance with two strong women who don't need each other, but want each other, and when the chips are down, they are there to support each other in a crisis.

The sex is luscious and toned just right, so you don't feel you've landed in the middle of a porno just as things were sweet and cosy, and their relationship is based on respect and mutual understanding, rather than white hot hunger (although there is that as well.)

It's a lot to pack into a small book, but this time, the author manages it perfectly. I had no hesitation in buying the next book in the series!


Electricity sparks whenever coffee shop rivals Simone and Suki are in the same room. But whether it’s the thrill of competition or the undercurrent of lust, neither of them are sure.

Their fervor for each other heightens when they go head to head in a fundraiser for the local pediatric hospital. Between drag queen shows, a disastrous burst water pipe, and a fateful one night stand, they finally put aside their fierce competitiveness to discover each other for who they really are.

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