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Review of Carnal Animals (Skin Sessions #3) by J.P. Jackson

As promised, my review of the third part of the Skin Sessions series, which is a Gothic, Dystopian, ongoing horror story about Damon, Taz the Demon and their motley band of sex workers who run the Unicorn's Horn. There are three novellas so far. I have already written a review for Demon at the Doorstep (Skin Sessions #1) and Branded and Bedeviled (Skin Sessions #2)

Carnal Animals (Skin Sessions #3)

After the first two books, I was looking forward to reading this one and I wasn't disappointed.

With J.P. Jackson's trademark dry wit and blacker than night humor, this next book in the Skin Sessions series is a highly enjoyable romp. If you're not invested in the characters who live and work at the Unicorn's Horn by now, you won't be.

There is a bittersweet storyline about Denham trying to get into university which rang very true, how one bigoted person can have the power to screw up another's life, just because their beliefs don't align. Taz's solution to the problem was very satisfying though. It might make the reader wish they had their own personal Taz to deal with such people...

It's worth saying that a lot of the commentary on how the world has become a dreary, dangerous place, where free thought, gender expression and nonconformist attitudes are frowned upon, feels very relevant in today's world. There are sharp little barbs at climate change, corporate greed, bureaucracy and mealy-mouthed bigotry. As well as being a fun read, there is a healthy dose of satire too.

I for one am definitely looking forward to the next book. This is one erotic horror story I will be reading again and again.


This is book #3 in the Skin Sessions series. It is strongly recommended to read them in order.

Gavin Medici, the owner of The Unicorn’s Horn, is struggling with the sudden explosion of business that the incubus, Taz-rial, has brought to the brothel. Not only is the calendar book full of impending dates but finding enough free slots to get all the clients scheduled is proving impossible. Not to mention caring for a pet ghoul, ensuring the boys are all in good health, and obtaining a contractor to do repairs to the crumbling brownstone.

Meanwhile, Denham, one of the brothel’s men, is trying to get into university. It’s a lifelong dream to get a law degree and better himself. His newfound boyfriend is going to extra lengths to help him jump through all the hoops to get admitted, but Lucas has been holding back on a secret of his own.

The constant chaos ramps up even further when attempting to secure a new business license from the city council which is dead set against allowing such a sinful den of iniquity to exist.

And then there’s Dillon and Aiden, the boys who fled when the demon appeared. They are secretly plotting to send Taz-rial back to the depths of hell where the fiend belongs and save their fellow brothel workers from the demon’s grasp.

In a world slowly being ripped apart by climate change storms and a decaying social order, will Gavin and his men, accompanied by the incubus Taz-rial survive and flourish?


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