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Review - Plush by Alexis Rey

Part of the Wonderland Chronicles, this exquisite little novella is an intense read. What I loved about this was that 'Alice' is a professional woman, who has chosen to go to Wonderland at her own volition. She hasn't been coerced in any way. She's there to seek release, adventure and enlightenment, and Sir is ready to give her just that.

This novella takes place in a darkened room, with only a plush sofa and a selection of sex toys as props. Oh, and one sexy, deep-voiced Sir, who is of average size and height, but spellbinding in his mannerisms, exuding quiet power over the submissive Alice. In their very first moments together, we are in no doubt he knows his stuff, and will be more than capable of keeping any awkward submissive in line.

Of course, we know better. Alice is the one in control. If she drops her safe word, it all stops. That way she, and we as readers, know that the intensity will only be as much as she can cope with.

Not being in the lifestyle, I cannot say for sure, but I sense this is the Domination/submission dynamic done right. I appreciated the fact Sir is an averagely sized man, not a six foot plus bully boy. I loved Alice being a doctor, a woman who is dominant in her own field, although we don't find out much about her, other than she is looking for something no mainstream relationship can provide.

The tension slowly builds to an intensely erotic finale, superbly written, and the ending! I love the ending. It definitely tempted me into buying the next in the series. At the moment, I don't know enough about either Alice or Sir to decide whether I like them or not. They are just two people engaged in a contact to give and receive pleasure. For some readers, that will be enough, but if not, there is more to come in subsequent books.


They told her she will be called Alice. They told her what to wear. They told her where to go. But they did not tell her how to be. Now Alice sits in a dark room on a plush sofa, uncertain what to expect, waiting for the person who will take her on a titillating cathartic journey whether she realizes what that entails or not.

She hears footsteps.

There is no turning back now.

Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.

Tropes/triggers: -BDSM -Alpha male/innocent heroine -enemies to lovers -forbidden love


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