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Review - Puppy Gets a Master by Amarra Skye

Yes, I know this is the second review in a day, but this made me mad, and I had to get it off my chest...

I have no idea where to start with this, so I guess I'll have to dive right on in. Hold your teddies, because this is going to get messy. This book was a buddy read with Laura at Magic Book Corner, and is Book One of the Billionaire Doms of Crash series. The two POV's in the first person and written in present tense.

I don't have a lot to say about Malcolm and Jamie, because we're not told much, other than Jamie is young but legal (18) and has been kicked out of his home by his dad, who is an alcoholic. Dad runs Steal (or is it Steel? There were two different spellings so who the hell knows,) but Jamie leaves and finds a job at The Phoenix, the hottest kink club in Colorado. It's so hot, it costs $2000 a year to join, so that the riff-raff can't slip in and blackmail the Phoenix's super-rich clientele.

Newsflash: Honey, I spend more than that per annum on takeout coffee. A couple more noughts would have been more realistic, considering Malcolm is, like, so wealthy.

I'll get this out the way. The repetition, the lack of any kind of editing or even proofreading, even the formatting, is just ... horrible. It reads like a first draft, with the characters sketched out at best. All I gleaned about Malcolm was that he was, like, a billionaire with a big cock and greasy hair.

His hair is long enough you can run your fingers through if you can catch him before he puts a gallon of gel in it. Everyone needs hair product, but this guy makes sure no strand is out of place.

Ooookay, then. There were other issues too. "Heal, puppy!" was unintentionally hilarious, as if Malc was Jesus, curing the sick. And ick phrases like, "I'm about to come in my pants like a fucking twelve-year-old." Yikes.

Also this, which I had no idea was even possible.

I have to suppress a grin when the puppy blushes from his cheeks to his nipples.

I didn't bother suppressing a snort at that point. Then there was the pee play, and the sudden segue into Daddy/Little kink, with mention of onesies and sippy cups and diapers. Woah! Hold on a minute. First Jame was feeling all happy in his puppy paws and wiggly butt plug tail, but now he's a Little? That wasn't mentioned in the blurb. Not to yuk anyone's yum but the Little thing makes me really uncomfortable and I would have appreciated a heads up.

There were a lot of things missing in this book, as well as lack of good editing and proofreading. The characters were so one dimensional, I didn't get to know any of them, which was a real shame. There was too much tell and not much show, and the tell was perfunctory at best. Jamie talked like a fourteen year old and his conversations with Malcom were limited mainly to "Arf arf!" when he was in pup space.

And what the fuck was this about?!?!?!

I feed him simple things first, fruits by themselves and then I start with the cheeses and offer the boy one of the fig and goat cheese things, finally pairing a piece of cantaloupe with a slice of prosciutto.

Okay, call me picky if you want, but if you're a billionaire CEO businessperson, with a top-flight kink club and Bentleys and all that good shit, you're going to use words like canapés, hor d'oeuvres, possibly morsels if you're not that fancy. Not things. And melon and prosciutto is not the height of sophistication for a man with, by his own admission, "expensive tastes." Try Iranian Almas white caviar, or Beluga, on blinis made from yak's milk. I don't know, I just wish more care had been taken to research what billionaires eat. Melon and ham sounds like a nice starter at a bog-standard Italian restaurant in my local town.

Sorry, it's a small thing but it's indicative of the care that wasn't given when setting scenes and rounding out the characters. It's lazy and smacks of being bashed out and published quickly. Dare I say it, this is why people are wary of trying books by indie authors.

Ditto the mention of being a PA. A billionaire would have a housekeeper, valet, chauffeur, personal chef. A PA would never cook. They're a high status individual who has almost the same perks as the boss. Again, some research would have been good.

Oh, and I'll leave you with this gem...

“I love you Jamie,” Daddy says kissing me as his fucks my ass with his fist hitting my prostate with every thrust as I whimper and moan as I come for the second time.

“I love you too, Daddy!”

Aw, who says romance is dead?

I could go on, but I just want to yeet my e-reader out the window, to be honest. Other than the cover, which is great, I thought this book was a real dog. Arf Arf...


Jamie didn't know he could be someone’s puppy until he met Malcolm, the billionaire owner of The Phoenix, the hottest kink club in Colorado. Will Jamie accept his deepest desires as he falls for a man who makes “good puppy” sound like the hottest thing in the world?


CEO of Crash, a tech company, as well as one of the hot Doms of Denver’s most exclusive kink clubs, hasn’t had a sub to call his own in years. He’s immediately attracted to the eager-to-please, sexy new bartender.


New to town and searching for the best-paying job, Jamie finds himself working at a kink club that would scandalize his small-town parents. Despite his reluctance, the first time Malcolm says “good boy," a whole new world opens to him.

Find out not only how Malcolm overcomes his fear of being used, but how Jaimie gives in to his newfound desires, and finds the love and protection only a Master can provide. Publisher’s Note: Steamy, insta-love, puppy kink, pet play, variety of kinks, walking on leashes, hand feeding, safe, sane, and consensual, no non-con.

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