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Review - Rescue by Mx. Alex

Well, this was a fun story, and a strong start to a promising series. There's science fiction, BDSM elements, hurt/comfort, characters with disabilities and enemies to lovers. There's a lot going on, but somehow it all merges to bring about a cohesive, enjoyable novel with likeable characters.

Thank goodness Kipexo, the alien from the planet Raug, isn't the eponymous 'handsome alien who is just like a human - but blue.' He thinks like an alien and looks like one, with four arms and scaly skin, yet somehow manages to be a sympathetic character as well as a viable love interest.

Ethan is the human supposedly rescued from a dying Planet Earth, but as the story goes on, there seems to be a sinister element creeping into the Raugons' altruistic act of mercy. I'm sensing some foreshadowing here, not least in the driveway made of a curious bone-like gravel, and the wealthy Raug residents using their human nanny as a form of trophy and sex toy. Some really dark themes seem to be waiting in the wings, and I for one really want to find out what happens in the next book.

Finally, kudos to the author for not "fixing" Ethan's hearing loss with "alien superior technology," to enable the characters to communicate in a "normal" way, but enabling him to use his sign language to communicate with his human friends. And for making Ethan and Kipexo's relationship one based on tenderness and respect, after the initial awkwardness. It's an unusual love story but one I could totally buy into.


Kipexo is a battle-wounded commander just trying to return to active duty. To get him back to the front lines faster, his friends suggest he adopt an Earthling, a rescued human from the dying planet Earth. He thought he’d be getting a simple servant ready and willing to lend a helping hand, but from the day Ethan arrives, it becomes clear Kipexo got a whole lot more than he bargained for.

Ethan doesn’t know a word of Kipexo’s language, can’t follow even simple instructions, and seems bent on disobeying his new master at every turn. As Kipexo struggles to tame his new Earthling, he’s torn between the urge to punish Ethan and the desire to hold him close. When he learns Ethan has some scars of his own, Kipexo wonders if he should find the human a more suitable master or simply give in to temptation and take Ethan to bed.

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