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Review - Room 452 by T.L. Quinn

I'm lucky to still have an e-reader, as I've been tempted to hurl it against the wall more than once this week.

Room 452 is the best of the 'arrogant alpha hole' books I've read this week. Yes, he smirks, but not as much as the others. I'll forgive him for that.

This book wasn't bad at all, but your eardrums will be bleeding by the end of it. The story is an office romance between Blake, daughter of the CEO, and Sawyer, a brilliant marketing executive who Blake's daddy was forced to employ at the company, so everyone hates him, especially Blake.

It's a classic hate to love trope, with executive romance, angst and "oops, wrong bed," thrown in. And THERE IS A LOT OF SHOUTING!!!!! Blake and Sawyer seem incapable of communicating with each other without yelling, snarling or spitting. At times it seemed like a late-eighties romcom with Gary Oldman and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The steamy scenes were hot but I felt the opportunity for some raunchy, angry sex wasn't exploited nearly enough, especially given how much they seemed to love/hate each other. The other office employees turn a blind eye as Sawyer drags Blake into the stationery cupboard on more than one occasion, but the whole story seems scrappy and a bit haphazard. It would have been easier to read if the volume had been turned down just a tad. It's a shame, as I didn't feel I knew Blake and Sawyer any better by the end.


One mistake. One wrong room. Now every time I see him, I have to look at that smug, arrogant smirk. Ugh! Why can't he leave me alone? And worse, why do I not want him to? It's all a game to him though. It doesn't actually mean anything, but two can play this game. And no matter how charming Sawyer can be, I won't let him win. Warning: Contains Adult Content

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