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Review - Save The Date by Annabeth Albert and Wendy Qualls

I have to admit, I was attracted to this book by the very cute cover. Men in suits getting it on is - well - one of my things, so it was basically an, "I'm not reading the blurb, I'm buying it," thing.

So, the science nerd and the soldier; a hot mix, bound to cause fireworks, even though said nerd (Randall) is a virgin. I liked the way Hunter was considerate around Randall, after realising he had unwittingly taken Randall's V-card during a one-night-shagathon. The book is about how they cautiously circle each other during a family wedding they are both involved in, navigating the push and pull of a potential romance.

A wedding setting is always fun, and this is no exception, apart from the lack of drama. There's always drama at a wedding, but what there is here, is relatively mild; some meddling aunts, a homophobic old biddy who is quickly shut down, and a minor issue over the wrong-coloured flowers. For those who hate the miscommunication trope, this is probably going to get your goat a bit. I'm pretty sure Hunter and Randall's angst could have been solved over cocktails, but still, it was a fun, light-ish read, with plenty of humour and sexy times between the two likeable characters.

Honestly, I don't have a lot more to say, other than it was well-written, if a little slow in places, with chemistry between the two main characters. If you want a light beach romance with a bit of grit, this is perfect, if ultimately forgettable.


Randall Young has one duty as his sister’s “man of honor”: to ensure she has the best wedding ever. That includes an epic bachelorette pub crawl, leading him to Portland’s most popular gay bar… and into Hunter Mitchell’s well-muscled arms. A one-night stand with a sexy soldier is the perfect way to ditch that pesky V-card and get himself in the mood for a weekend of flowers, cake, and nuptials.

Hunter wants to blow off some steam before he stands up as his best friend’s best man. He's already married to his military career, not looking to settle down. He certainly doesn’t intend for the one guy he met (and, okay, got off with) in Oregon to be his counterpart in the wedding party. Or a virgin. Definitely wasn’t intending that. Luckily, they have the rest of the weekend for Hunter to show Randall what he's been missing.

The more they’re thrown together by the wedding, the more Randall and Hunter grow together outside the bedroom… which is dangerous because there’s a lot more than 2500 miles standing between them and a happily-ever-after. If they want a future beyond their wedding weekend hookup, both must find the courage to take a chance on love.


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