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Review - Secret (Tales of the Circle #2) by Timothy Warren

After falling in love with True (Book #1) about Alex and his cowboy lover, Tyler, I was fully expecting to love this book too.

And I did, just not quite as much as the first book. The adventures of high-end escort, Demarco, and his Secret Service love interest, Jack, sounded enticing, and I fell in love with Demarco in True, so I really did anticipate learning more about him in Secret.

If I'm honest, this book fell a little flat in places, given Demarco's career (as a high-end escort) and the octane-fuelled setting of Washington DC. I didn't get the level of chemistry between Jack and Demarco, and the plot at times seemed overly convoluted. Any setting involving government, Secret Service or international intrigue HAS to be involved and handled with attention to detail but for me it didn't run as smoothly as the first book did. I put the book down and picked it up several times. It wasn't the writing - that was great - but the story didn't engage me as much.

I'll be interested to read the third book in the series, because True left an impression, and I know it is hard for a second book to live up to a first in a series. It's worth pointing out, these books are all STANDALONE, so you don't have to read True to understand Secret. Out of the two though, I know which one I would pick. I've given this book four paws as it seemed churlish to give it less, just because I didn't enjoy it as much.


Demarco Alford works for Chandelier—a high-profile escort agency providing secret services to government officials, foreign dignitaries, and the elite. One night, while attending an embassy event, Demarco stumbles upon a… SECRET

Jack Keegan works for the Secret Service—a government policing agency providing security to the upper echelon of national and international VIPs. One night, while working an embassy event, Jack meets Demarco and becomes part of the… SECRET

Demarco and Jack soon find themselves entwined in a mystery involving the son of Middle-Eastern royalty. Will Jack’s obligation to protect his country outweigh his fierce attraction to the handsome male escort? Will Demarco get past his inner insecurities and allow his beefy bodyguard access to a heart hardened by experience?... SECRET

This book contains mature content.

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