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Review - Silk (The Wonderland Chronicles) by Alexis Rey

The second in the Wonderland Chronicles, a series of short stories (or scenarios to be more accurate) by Alexis Rey. I read Plush last year, and was blown away by the quality of the writing, the intensity of the scene-setting, so I was interested to see where this BDSM series was going to go.

This time, Alice chooses to go back to Wonderland after an intriguing text. She knows what to expect, and what is expected of her, but she still manages to incur Sir's wrath after trying to second-guess his thoughts.

Still classy, still exquisite, with attention to detail and a growing understanding between two intriguing characters. We still don't know a lot about Alice or Sir outside of their dark and silken world, and I hope we soon find out. Only one jarring point. He wore jeans? That didn't seem to fit, but then I guess everyone's idea of Sir will be different. An intriguing addition to The Wonderland Chronicles, and surprisingly packed read, for all it's brief length. I'll be starting the next one soon.


It could have all been a dream, except for the business card burning a hole in Alice's wallet. Then a mysterious text arrives, and she can think of nothing else. She knows she's going back to Wonderland, whatever may be waiting for her there. This time, she knows the rules. She is prepared. Or is she?

Tropes/triggers: -BDSM -Alpha male/innocent heroine -secret love


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