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Review - Take Me Home by Hudson Lin

This short story (17 pages) is part of the Coffee House Shorts series of sweet MM romances. I chose it because of the cover, which shows two lovely elder gentlemen, and I was intrigued by the story line. Romances involving senior characters are hard to find!

Take Me Home is a lovely, cosy read with a grumpy and a sunshine character who somehow manage to find common ground. The story takes place one morning at Suki's Cafe, where the owner make it her business to ensure the two men, Melvin and Lee, begin talking to each other.

As is the way with a lot of short stories, there is far more that could be said, but then it would be a novel, not a short story. Senior citizens have had a whole life's worth of experience, and because one is Asian and the other is black, their lives in the past would have been challenging for all kinds of reasons.

This being said, Take Me Home is a sweet, gentle read, with two men finding a common bond over knitting, as Lee begins to teach Melvin the craft. It's well-written, crafting two characters whose stories are worth exploring. I'll definitely be buying the other two books in the series, (which feature different characters) as I love this author's writing. This book is a perfect foil to all the dark, erotic romance on my Kindle.


Melvin is old and tired and all he wants is to enjoy his weekly Sunday morning coffee at the local cafe. Most weeks he can ignore Lee and his cheerfully friendly comments. But when Lee sits down at his table one day with a pile of blue yarn and a twinkle in his eye, Melvin wonders whether his fossil of a heart can love again.Take Me Home is a 3,300 word m/m meet cute with a grumpy grandpa, a meddling cafe owner, sweet touches, and side-by-side knitting.

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