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Review - Tank by Tirza Schaefer

Well, this set-up is a LOT of greedy womens' fantasy. You have three guys, the dark one (Dom - yes, really) who is urbane, suave, dominating yet kind and a beast in bed. The blond one (Seb) who has Viking vibes and struggles with his feelings but he's kind and wonderful, and a beast in bed. And you have the muscled, tribal tattooed one (Tank) who is a member of Mensa, spiritually enlightened and a beast in bed.

And why the hell not? Sarah takes them all like a champ, but it isn't really about that. The sex is good, yes, and tender and sweet. The way they treat her is incredible. These guys are ALL about respect, boundaries, putting her needs above their own. They are the kind of role models we wish a lot of men in real life had but sadly don't.

This is an all-round entertaining story, with a middle-aged heroine to identify with and three absolutely drop dead gorgeous guys, each with their own story. This book is Tank's, but I didn't get the feeling it was focused solely on him. I would have liked to have known a bit more, but introducing the set-up, and Sarah's way of winning round the frosty and entitled Pearl, was lovely.

I never really knew where this story was going to go. There's a LOT in these pages, touching on the mystic, the exciting, the gory (when Sarah has to kill in order to survive.) There's grief and a man in crisis. There's so much, I kind of had to take breaks between reading, just to digest it all.

But don't be put off by that. The author has a warm and steadfast writing style which steers the complexities of the story deftly and never leaves the characters stranded.

In the end, it is a passionate tale of one woman who is loved by three men, who are all willing to share her and give her pleasure, support her and each other. They are a big, complicated, sexy family and I loved it.


Sarah is an empty-nester whose children are out of the house and all lead their own lives. She lives in a cold, damp apartment and works a dead-end job. One day, she decides that something needs to change and when she reads the job offers in the regional paper, she comes across an ad for a position as housekeeper in a household in Spain.

After sending an email to apply, she ends up speaking to her future boss, Dom, on the phone and before she realises what is really happening, she is looking after a Nazi mum and taking care of the household for three hot-as-hell, ex-special forces, now billionaires, men who don't only share a house but obviously also want to share Sarah.

Sarah has not been lucky in her relationships in the past. She has had her fair share of betrayal, neglect and heartache and cannot really believe that these three exceptional men, one of them even a certified genius, would want her over any other woman in the world until they teach her to view herself through their eyes, while she teaches them what it feels like to be loved and cared about by a woman who knows what it means to carry sole responsibility for other lives and hearts.

But when Nazi mum dies, it is her son who loses his plot and triggers all of Sarah's fears again, destroying the little trust they have been able to establish between them. Has the experiment of being together with three men ended in a disaster for Sarah, just as she feared it would?

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