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Review - The Apprentice Storyteller by Astrid V.J.

First I need to point out the story is written in the present tense, which doesn't suit everyone. It took me a little while to adjust to it but once I did, it seemed to suit the fantastical nature of the story very well.

The blurb says it all, so I won't rehash it. This is an imaginative tale which weaves through fantasy and sci-fi. I didn't warm to Viola at first, but once she began to learn from her young charge, she became a lot easier to like. I love when a senior character shows strength enough to grow and learn, and the young man, whose name we never learn, is a strong character in his own right. He grows in confidence of his magical abilities, to weave stories and captivate audiences, and these are described very well. He is a perfect foil to the stubborn Viola, and becomes the catalyst for her to face a painful past.

I loved the world-building, the scenes of distant lands as they continued their quest to reach the ship that would take them away from their pursuers to safety. I just wasn't expecting the type of ship it was, but was a great surprise and I loved it! This is a really unusual adventure which took me in directions I just wasn't expecting.

I didn't do the treasure hunt, but this is a really novel idea for those who love unpicking mysteries. All in all, a great story from an accomplished writer.


The Alchemist meets fantasy with a splash of space opera. Viola Alerion, a renowned storyteller in the Haldrian Empire, wants to be left in peace. For years, she’s been hounded by her past, never to find a moment’s rest. Then she meets a boy who wants to become her apprentice. He refuses to take no for an answer, and she reluctantly yields, even though she knows taking him with her could endanger his life. As their journey progresses, Viola begins to understand she’s not the only teacher in the equation. The nameless boy also has something to teach, but Viola makes for a reluctant student.

Can she give way to possibility and embrace a future in alignment with what she’s always wanted? Can she find the courage to embrace the principles that will transform her life? Can she overcome her circumstances and face her past? Or will she keep on running with nowhere to hide?

And what of the boy who guards untold secrets and exhibits mysterious powers that defy belief?

The e-book of The Apprentice Storyteller also includes exclusive access to "Viola's Guide to Achieving the Impossible". This workbook to help guide you through the first steps towards achieving your own dream is based on key transformational principles from the DreamBuilder™ Course and is not intended for publication. The workbook is only accessible through The Apprentice Storyteller e-book. The link to Viola's Guide to Achieving the Impossible is embedded in a concealed place. This is a treasure hunt. Good luck!

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