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Review - The Great Santa Showdown by Glenn Quigley

This short story (48 pages) was a cute, funny tale of the search for a new Santa in the cosy village of Yuleboro. Competition is fierce, with the two main competitors battling it out with plenty of ho ho ho-ing and jingling of bells.

Gregory and John with their gentle rivalry and growing affection for each other, are delightful characters. The book is as warm and sweet as eggnog, a perfect read for a snowy afternoon under the Christmas tree. There's no smut, which you might expect from the teasing blurb and the warning at the beginning of the book which says it's for ADULTS ONLY. It also says it MAY contain explicit scenes (it doesn't) so you can be reassured this is a smut-free zone (I hate saying "clean" but I hope you know what I'm getting at.) Sticky issues of racism and homophobia in small-town America are swept aside. Nothing bad ever happens in Yuleboro, and sometimes, that is no bad thing.

In short, this is a charming, quick read with plenty of humour and great characters, and a storyline perfect for the Christmas holidays. Ho ho ho!


It's two weeks before Christmas, and the official Santa Claus of the small town of Yuleboro is retiring. The town takes Christmas seriously, with year-round celebrations, themed diners and guesthouses, and a Santa Claus who makes regular public appearances.

Fifty-something bookstore owner Gregory has long dreamed of taking over the role. However, he's far from the only one. Grandfather and tree farmer John has been waiting his whole life for this opportunity and plans to seize it with both hands, despite objections from his daughter.

Alongside a host of other competitors, they’ll battle their way through a tournament designed to test the skills of any would-be Kris Kringles, and find it takes more than a belly and a beard to wear the red suit. As Gregory and John go head to head in the town’s first-ever Great Santa Showdown, will it be more than just the competition that heats up?


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