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Review - The Light of Darkness: Books 4-6 by Catrin Russell

I'm sneaking in with a swift review before the weekend, and to tell you that my sexy MM novella, Heels For The Holidays, is free on Amazon until Monday. Go check it out! (But read this review first...)

This is my favourite fantasy series, and I gave up with fantasy a long time ago. (Too many gnomes and weird names and casts of 600 characters) But this is different, thanks mainly to Samael, the hottest demon on the planet. This review is for Books 4 - 6, and they are NOT standalone. Please read the first three books first! Here goes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can't rate this series highly enough. I loved it from the very first book, when we meet Anaya and Samael, and I just knew these two were going to be the driving force behind all the books. They are terrific characters, and their story arc is so pure and sexy, even though he is a demon. You'll want a Samael in your life, I guarantee it. In these books, there is so much story packed in, it is hard to review each one. Take the series as a whole, and lose yourself in the kingdom the author has created.

There is drama, and superbly choreographed fight and battle scenes, and lashings of sex and romance. I'm NOT a fantasy reader, so I don't know whether these stories are "true" fantasy or not, but frankly, I don't care. They are great stories, and deserve to be read and cherished. The whole series is currently available on Kindle Unlimited.


This 1,500 page box set includes the last three novels in a gripping dark fantasy saga averaging 4.5+ stars across 200+ Amazon reviews. _____________________________ Description from Nefarious Echoes, Book 4:

Evil lurks in the shadows. More demon villages are left decimated, and the Panther tribe is torn apart.

In her new role as Matriarch, Anaya fights to keep the Panther demons united, yet trust seems impossible to gain. Especially as rumours surface about the death powder being a Priesthood tactic. Neither Samael’s strength nor the power of the House of Fahd seem to be enough to stem the Primes’ discontent.

Anaya must rally the priests, hunt down those responsible for the rising death toll of demons, and clear the Priesthood’s name.

Samael, in turn, must prove his worth to earn the respect lost when taking a priestess for his Consort. Not an easy task, when enemies seek to destroy the unworthy Matriarch and his illegitimate child.

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