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Review - The Prime Series by Catrin Russell

I read this series in quick succession and having reviewed each book on Goodreads, thought I would do a general review. This isn't the complete series as I believe there is one more book to come. A more detailed review of The Power Of Conviction can be found here.

NB: The Prime Series contains subjects and scenes that depict violence, torture, consequences of prolonged sexual abuse, emotional scars and suffering, as well as mature language and steamy scenes. It is therefore intended for a mature audience.

High fantasy isn't a genre I automatically turn to, but after reading Conviction I was hooked enough to want to know more about Samael and Anaya, the main characters. Their love story weaves through a world where demons and humans are set against each other by misunderstanding and the greed of powerful individuals and where tribes of shapeshifters living peaceable lives are attacked just for being who they are. Despite the titles of the books, I detected no religious allegories, which was something that had put me off reading them for a while. Instead we have a vivid, sexy, violent mix of romance, adventure, derring-do and loyalty.

There are lynx shifters, wolf shifters, panthers, wasps, a glorious mix of homemakers and warriors, strong female characters and submissive male counterparts. There really is something for everyone, but done with the craft of a gifted story teller.

I found The Redeemed, Edric's backstory, heart-wrenching, adding richness to his complex character, and the story of Nia, in Resurgence of Light, equally compelling. Her tale isn't yet complete, so I'm hoping she finds all she's searching for.

Samael has to be my favourite character (I have a thing for tall, moody, dark-haired men) so his passion for Anaya, his willingness to bow to her and respect her, his love for his son and the teenager they adopt, is just wonderful. As a human, Anaya hasn't been universally accepted as his Consort once he takes over from his mother, so trouble is on the horizon.

In fact the two stories, that of Nia and the tribe of mercenaries she lives with, and Samael's demon kingdom, are gradually converging, destined to meet in the next book, I'm guessing. The coming conflict is looming with a distant drumbeat.

The author has created a large cast of characters which she has managed to make me care about, and that is no small feat. The story isn't a new one, but the characters are everything, especially the fierce female leads; Anaya the Priestess, Lilith the demon queen, Nia the servant girl, Lenda the healer. All are stunning, all run through the spine of this series and make it unique.

Finally, the mark of a great series is when the reader starts "shipping" characters, hoping they get together. I've done this with three couples now (and have been proved right on one of them.) Sorry, but as an avid fan fiction writer, it's in my DNA. If a story gets under your skin to that extent, the author has definitely done a stellar job.

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