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Review - The Vessel by Selena Moore

This novella describes itself as a Reverse Harem book. For those who don't know, Reverse Harem is a sub-genre involving a woman and several men in a mutual sexual and sometimes loving relationship. Read the triggers in the blurb. They aren't there just for shits n giggles.

Now that's out the way, let's look at the book.

Well, take me to church! This book is sizzling hot. So hot and drenched in bodily fluids, it damned near makes you need a shower after reading it. The opening is remarkably similar to Terminator 2, but when the action moves underground, things take a different turn. And how.

Emmanuella (Emma) is first rescued from the Machines, then taken down to The Hub, run with brutal efficiency by Kratos. His men are rough, tough, and hungry for muff. (sorry, I couldn't resist that.)

This is erotica, so getting into the heads of each character or a complex plot isn't a priority. The main event is the sex. Emma is tied up, used and abused, with only lip service given to consent. And because this is erotica, with triggers, after some resistance she decides she prefers being railed by lots of big, beefy blokes than being thrown back outside to the mercy of the Machines.

This isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but frankly, if you're outraged by this point, you didn't read the triggers, did you? Well, then, it's your fault.

Instead, just immerse yourself in the cum-drenched antics of a woman with a seemingly bomb-proof vagina, and if you love the dirty talk, there's that as well. ("Suck my dick, slut." ) And the breeding kink, milking kink, degradation and praise kink. It's all there. And whether you enjoy it or not, massive respect has to go to the author, for writing something so out there and boldly sexual.

I loved the fact the men began to care for Emma, and not just see her as the Vessel, but as someone who has earned her place in their community. There's even a love story squeezed in as well, which is kind of sweet but almost not necessary. Emma could easily have become the queen of that colony. I almost wish she had.

Pure erotica and sticky fun!

New York City 5007AD

New York City lies in ruins. Every form of life has disappeared after The Rise. Cyborgs now rule over the barren wasteland, searching and exterminating the few humans that have miraculously survived.

Hidden far beneath the city's ruins, lies The Hub, the only place where humans are safe. Here, Kratos rules over criminals, ex-convicts, and outlaws, every one of them united against the greatest Cause of all.


Aided by his trusted friend, ex-Navy Seal Marcus Theroux, they will stop at nothing to safeguard the human race and ensure the continuity of its species.

When a woman is found alive by Marcus’s search patrol, she is taken back to The Hub where she will fight in the only way she can to seek vengeance in the raging war against the Machines.

Her body will now become a vessel for rebirth and salvation.

The Vessel is now back in Kindle Unlimited. The universal purchase link can be found on my Instagram profile page.

WARNING: 18+ This is a Standalone Reverse Harem Breeding Novella strictly intended for mature readers. Please don't go into this book expecting roses and sunshine because you'll find none. The Vessel is a dark and gritty end of days romance exploring multiple kinks, such as breeding by multiple men, lactation, praise and degradation, and dub-con themes many readers may find disturbing. This story is NOT for everyone so please heed the warnings and if you do decide to dive in, read this book because you want to immerse yourself into a dark, depraved, and deliciously dirty post-apocalyptic world.

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