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Review - The Warmth of Autumn by Beth Behshad

The Warmth of Autumn is a sweet and lovely romance, written in a poetic style. English is not the author's native language and there are some quirks which can take the reader briefly away from the story, namely the switching from present to past tense and back again. I mention it only because it took me a while to get accustomed to the style of writing but once I did, I really enjoyed this story.

Cass does seem to have it all, but she longs for a family to call her own. Austin is the perfect romantic hero; tender and loving. The set up, their romance and the way it plays out follows the well-trodden path of romance novels, but that isn't a bad thing at all. Sometimes you just want to surround yourself in a caramel-hued, feel good book, with a couple who each have their own vulnerabilities. Fate, love and family are also familiar territories, handled with love. The author's affection for her characters, her love of romance and of story-telling, shines through. This is definitely a book to read by the fire as Fall turns to Winter.


Journalist Cassandra O'Brian might have it all; name, career, friends. All except family belongingness. Profession brought her to places she'd never imagine of going and let her met people of different races and backgrounds she never thought existed. Everything was possible until she was unconsciously dragged from the world's busiest city to the vast mountain ranges and dustiest State in the country. Not in a million thoughts she'd end up loving it, not until she discovered a long forgotten part of herself, a part that led to shattering other people's lives.

Austin Buckland is not just a typical guy. Chasing the wilderness always made him alive until the loss of his beloved mother. A handsome, rugged man with a set of eyes you could get lost, can be satisfied by photographs and portraits. He never knew a woman can rock his world until he met O’Brian. But what if the same woman’s bloodline is partly to blame all of it all? Including the loss of his mother? Will he still love her or move on with his adventurous life?

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