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Review - Tied to Darkness (Book 1: Last Days) by I. Vélez

This was a fun and audacious premise for a story; Mina is our intelligent Latina heroine, reluctantly accepting she is The Chosen One, and this makes her a target for the wrath of Lilith, the Queen of Hell. Mina is forced into marriage with Vergil, Lilith's youngest son, and all - sorry - hell breaks loose.

Mina and Vergil are unusual protagonists, each with different values and skillsets, but this is a classic hate to love tale, and one about loyalty to family, as well as a blockbusting fantasy adventure which will probably make any die-hard Bible-thumper break out in boils. And I loved it!

Vergil is hot, even as a demon, and a perfect match for fiery Mina, who won't take any crap from him. Their chemistry is off the scale and the sex is delicious. I mean, I would! I'm a sucker for an anti-hero.

And so much respect to the author for writing this in a language not her own. The prose flows smoothly and consistently throughout, and the dialogue is sparky and natural. The only niggles I have are ones I've seen in plenty of native English books as well; namely the constant referral to the colour of their character's eyes, and overuse of the word "orbs." I mention it because at times it did interrupt my enjoyment of the story.

That aside, this was a great fantasy read with engaging characters, lots of blood, guts and hot sex. I would definitely read more by this author.



The End of Days is approaching and the key to accelerating humanity's demise is hidden among the humans themselves...

Mina has one goal: the worldwide acceptance that angels and demons truly exist. But fate has something new for her, something bigger... which revolves around the forced marriage to a hot and dangerous man.

Vergil isn't what he appears, neither a billionaire businessman nor human, he lives to serve Lilith, the queen of Hell. However, an arranged marriage will change his life completely and leave him in charge of the most sought after creature in the entire universe: the Chosen One.

Author's Note: This book is based on a lot of religious and mythological research on my part. It’s not my intention to insult anyone’s belief system or religion through the things exposed in the following pages. Neither the book itself, nor the events narrated, or my characters (their dialogues, actions, or thoughts) reflect my religious beliefs. I ask of you to have an open mind and take this tale here as the work of fiction it is.


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