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Review - Trade by Nick Christie

This is the second Nick Christie book I've read, and I have to say, I'm addicted. The first, Lutterworth House reviewed here,) I also loved, but felt the book needed more editing and proofreading. (The author has since assured me this has happened.) This book had none of those issues. Crisply edited and technically clean, I could concentrate on the read itself without getting distracted.

The story centers around Stuart, who runs the TRADE escort agency in a grimy part of London. (All of London is grimy, but Soho before gentrification really is the arse end.) Struggling with the loss of his partner, the bereaved Stuart isn't in any position to drag the escort agency into the present and ensure its survival. He makes bad decision after bad decision, and one of the baddest of all comes in the rough and ready, dark-eyed Irish lad called Kian.

Kian is a lost soul who will do anything to survive. He's also great at sabotaging his chances for a better life. In a way, I felt sorry for him, but his treatment of Stuart was unforgivable.

Stuart can't see what his employees and friends can - Kian is using him. He's also stealing from the others and generally being a Bad Egg. Even when servicing their client's inner darkest desires, there is a strong code of conduct amongst the men in the team. Values of honour, trust, loyalty run deep through the TRADE men, but their attempts to convince Stuart that Kian is Bad News falls on deaf ears.

I loved this book before of the back stories and the character development as well as the hot, sweaty sex. It all felt really balanced and true. A gritty read, not for everyone, but this book has definitely made me a Nick Christie fan. It shows that gay life isn't all sparkle and rainbows, sweet kisses and sparky connections as I've found in a lot of MM Romance. This isn't it. This is a great reminder of the realities of life. It hurts, it's slimy at times, but also warm and loving as men find their connections and support each other in dark times as well as good. I've a new respect for the leather community, and an enduring respect for the sex workers who even now are risking all in order to survive a hostile world. Five easy paws!


(Gay Erotic Fiction - Not for the easily offended. Strong BDSM) Have you ever wanted your inner darkest desire fulfilled, no questions asked? London’s Soho, historically a pleasure zone for the city, is now gentrified! Well, almost…

Gay escort agency TRADE is holding its place on Beak Street, albeit an outdated, down-at-heel position, servicing clients’ darkest desires - for the right price. Recently bereaved, Stuart, the boss, faces the challenge of dragging TRADE’s services into the present. His hot team is talented, that much is clear and can cater for a wide range of punters needs but business is scarce; clients are moving to hookup apps and Stuart doubts he can revamp the business he began eighteen years earlier with his late partner, Brad.

Change, however, comes in the shape of not one, but two handsome strangers who enter his life unexpectedly, each satisfying a different need. Is this the end for the troubled brothel or a new beginning? Copyright: 2023 a Guy called Nick

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