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Review - True by Timothy Warren

I should have done this review WEEKS ago, as it was the first book I read in 2023. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Muscular cowboys, a cute cabin, Montana in the winter, lost in a storm; yeah, I'll take it. The tropes were on point for a gloomy January and I wasn't expecting much more than an easy, forgettable read.

Then I read it.

And I was very pleasantly surprised! The writing is great, allowing me to trust the author immediately. With that out the way, I could relax and enjoy the book. It's a great take on an old favourite; city boy escapes to remote cabin to contemplate his life, gets lost on a snowy mountainside and gets rescued by a hot cowboy on a HORSE. Don't roll your eyes - it was fabulous. An intelligent story which turns what could be a predicable romance on its head.

Alec is the complete opposite of Tyler; an urbane Washington DC dweller who's love life is a car crash. He thinks he is still in love with his very recent ex, who is a cheating ass of the highest order, and hurting from said ex's latest betrayal. His decision to rent a cabin in Montana, in order to write his magnum opus, changes his life.

His best friend Demarco, whose book I'll be reading next. Demarco is a sex worker who loves his job, a real queen with a sharp tongue and sharper insight. He is Alec's wingman in the book, and their daily Skype calls are hilarious.

And Tyler, widowed five years before, is a sweetheart. Beloved in the tiny town of Melody, he falls for Alec as soon as he sees him stranded in the snow. He plays guitar, and sings, and is an all-round good egg, encouraged by the (maybe too?) adorable Mom and Pop couple who run the local general store.

Alec and Tyler's romance is tender for all its heat, but they both know sacrifices need to be made if they want to be together. To say any more would spoil the ending. I'll add this though. Alec decides to ditch the book he is struggling with and write a romance instead, based on his own Montana experiences. And you know how all good romances end...

Definitely worth a read. Timothy Warren is now one of my favourite #ownvoices MM writers.


Most people would love Alec’s life… great job… hot boyfriend… and a beautiful brownstone in DC’s gay mecca, Dupont Circle. But within a single night, things change…

His best friend, Demarco, supports Alec’s bold decision of seeking a new perspective… a change that begins across the country, in a cabin atop Beulah Mountain.

Alec was not looking for a man… wanted nothing of the sort. But a strong-willed cowboy named Tyler enters his life as spontaneous as the snow of Montana’s winter.

Unpredictable as a mountain storm, Alec and Tyler soon find themselves entwined in a fierce love affair… raw, real, and unlike any other Alec has ever had.

But Tyler belongs to Montana.

Will their passion be enough to keep them together? Will Alec learn to forgive his past missteps and accept that he deserves the happiness that can only come from a man so genuine… so giving… and so TRUE?

This book contains mature content.

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