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Review - Valencia With Love by B.J. Smyth

Anyone considering this book would be misguided if they dismissed it as "daddy kink." It's more about two beautiful souls coming to terms with individual grief and taking the first tentative steps towards finding happiness again.

The author has created two utterly believable and lovely characters in Rick and Tommy. Cynics can turn around and go back home because there is insta-love and a holiday romance in a lush Valencia setting, in which two people find new soul mates after losing their beloved partners. Yes, as the blurb says, it is truly uplifting and positive, and Lord knows we need that right now, right?

It isn't a long book, but it reads like a full-length novel, with fully-rounded characters, sparky dialogue and a good, even pace. I devoured it in a couple of evenings, as I wanted to see how it would end. Not having read the Daddy/Boy dynamic before, I was a little wary, but this is all about tenderness, supporting and loving your partner and nurturing them. It's a two way street, equal partners fulfilling the needs the other has. The sex is hot too, but that isn't a huge part of the book.

This story is beautiful, and I recommend you read it if you need a book to wrap around you like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. I'll definitely read more by this author.


Valencia with Love, when a holiday romance is the start of a fantastic future? Rick My world crashed around me when I lost Leo in a motorcycle accident. He was my boy, my rock, and I thought nobody could replace what we had together. Then a year later, my PA Paula sneakily sent me on a break to Valencia. That's where I saw Tommy for the first time. Tommy Juan was my life, the Daddy I always wanted. We lived happily in a penthouse apartment above the nightclub he owned. Our millionaire lifestyle meant I never wanted anything, and Juan knew how to care for a boy. When I heard his plane had crashed, part of me died with him. Now I have more money than I could ever spend, but that's not what I need. Many men chased me, mainly for my money. I never thought I would meet someone like Juan until I met Rick. Both have lost their soulmates, but will they heal each other's hearts when they meet in Valencia? "An uplifting and positive story that wraps around your heart and squeezes it."

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