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Review - Wake of Sins by Catrin Russell (Book 5: Lights of Darkness series)

I have been thoroughly enjoying this high fantasy series, from the moment Anaya set eyes on Samael and all the other characters beguiled me with their own stories. This book is no exception.

This is Book 5, so it ISN'T a standalone. I believe there is one more book to come and that is nearing completion, so if you want to check this series out, you won't have to wait long before it's complete.

This time, the story is split into three plots, with Anaya and Samael diverted by the Obisidian Trials, and other characters tasked with finding out who is behind the genocide caused by a lethal powder. There is sword-play and treachery, peril and suspense as no one knows who to trust. The shifter scenes and fight scenes are accomplished as always, and the plotting and character development are assured and consistent. I loved the continuation of Anaya and Samael's close and sensual relationship, and also the stormy affair between Lilith (Samael's mother) and Kaedin, her Knight. There are some lovely subtle touches as Lilith tries to change her demonic nature and Kaedin's realisation he loves her for herself. There's a burgeoning, sweet relationship, possibly, between Benjamin and Lee, and all these little human touches are a beautiful foil to the nefarious goings-ons in the corridors of power and grubby pubs in nowhere towns.

If you have read to this book, you won't want to stop now. For new readers, I can say that as a non-fantasy reader, I was hooked and I've loved every book so far. I can't wait for the finale. It's building up to be a good one!


Treachery and defamation fuel the raging conflict between Light and Darkness, with trust a luxury neither human nor demon can afford.

The Unn have been captured, but they were just the means to an end. And the Priesthood is no closer to finding the one pulling the strings in the horrifying scheme of the death powder that has claimed countless lives in its wake.

Fearing the rise of a rogue clergy, the Priesthood leaves no stone unturned, regarding friend and foe alike as a potential suspect. Not even the King himself is deemed trustworthy, and an elaborate plot to infiltrate his castle is set in motion.

Anaya and Samael are struggling to piece together what is left of their shattered tribe by hosting the most prestigious games in Panther tradition. The Obsidian Trials are their last hope of unifying their people.

But ruthless adversaries lurk in the shadows, ready to strike when the Panther tribe is at its weakest, and end them once and for all. With their very lives at stake, will Anaya and Samael manage to unify the Panther tribe and save them from extinction?

And will the rogue priests and their employer be found in time, before all of demonkind is doomed?

The Light of Darkness delivers an epic fantasy tale dripping with dark undertones and a touch of romance.

Buy now to continue the engaging tale of Anaya and Samael.

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