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Review - Weight of the World by Benjamin Lund

I'll start by saying this isn't a romance, and if you read it thinking that is what you're getting, you're in for a shock. It. Is. Not. A. Romance. To say any more would need a spoiler warning. It is what the author describes as 'family friendly' so no raunchy stuff, but there are other tough themes such as homophobia, terminal illness, stalking and abduction, so I'd say this wasn't family friendly at all.

I've found it hard to star rate this book, as there was plenty to love, and some aspects I didn't love as much. The technical issues I noticed were the plentiful use of adverbs and some cliches, together with overuse of 'suddenly....' and its derivatives. It did feel a little try hard at times. Also, Luke has a habit of addressing the reader, which felt a bit gimmicky. I'm not keen on it but that's just personal preference.

There was no doubt Luke and Adam were endearing characters, but sometimes I wasn't sure whether I was reading a romance or a horror, or even a psychological thriller. Adam's evil mother was so extreme, I found her a bit unconvincing. Cruella De'Ville had more empathy, if I'm honest. There were family dramas, abduction, a creepy cabin in the woods, a hitman, a possibly terminal illness, and the ending was just - kind of shocking.

If I sound harsh, it was because the issues above bugged me, but what I REALLY liked and admired was the author's boldness in going out there, and chucking all these things in, and not being afraid to face some tough themes head on. If their intention was to stick two fingers up at the romance genre and go his own way, I'm all for it, but if that was the case, he could have pushed it even further.

I have to say it though. Luke and Adam really deserved better. Some readers will find the ending poetic and beautiful, but my reaction was basically, WTF.

I don't know, though, there's something quite ballsy about an author who can instigate that reaction in a reader. There's no doubt that even though my feelings are mixed about this book, I won't forget it in a hurry, and to write something which stays with a reader is a real achievement.


When life and death hang in the balance, who will risk it all for love?

Luke lives a relatively peaceful existence. That is, until Adam enters his world and completely changes everything. Bound by fate, they venture down a predestined path of self-discovery, tough choices, and fatal encounters. Along the way, Luke and Adam face off against the very forces of human nature, ultimately learning that some things are beyond their control.

The question is, are they capable of doing what is necessary to stay alive, while also keeping each other safe? And is it possible for the beauty of their undeniable connection to transform into something greater amid the chaos, before time runs out?

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